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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 280

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 280

“No!” I retorted. “I wasn’t the one who killed your child. I’ve never wanted to sacrifice someone’s life to comfort myself. Your mother is still influential, right? Cameron might be under investigation, but she’ll still be a billionaire if she’s innocent and gained her fortune rightfully. If she was involved in shady deals, she’ll get caught eventually, right?”

Biting her lip, Rebecca took a deep breath and glowered at me. “Karma will come for


I was amused. “Karma? You have a crush on Ashton, so your mother set up a trap to kill his wife. Now, she’s about to lose her reputation and standing. This is karma.”

Rebecca’s jaw hardened angrily at my words. She grabbed her coffee and flung it in my direction. The coffee wasn’t hot, but it stained my clothes instantly.

I sat still and stared straight at her.

Seemingly emotional, she stood up and glared at me. “Scarlett, you lost your child. If you want another, you can get pregnant anytime. What about other innocent people? Felix’s about to die. Hector Clinton’s career and my mother’s future are ruined. Do you think you’re above us all? I think you’re the most heartless person I’ve ever seen. After wrecking my relationship, you took the person I love away from me. You destroyed the life my brother arranged for me before he died.”

I sneered and grabbed a napkin to wipe the coffee off my face. “Innocent? If Felix’s innocent, then what about the people he killed? Don’t you know why he’s sentenced to death? Is Hector innocent? Don’t you know how much money he has extorted over the years? What about the people he harmed? As for your mother, she isn’t innocuous at all. You know how she murdered my baby, right? Look how much she has achieved over the years. Imagine how much illegal stuff she has done!”

I couldn’t help but snicker at this point. “Your brother. Yes, Parker’s indeed smart. He asked Ashton to take care of you because he knew he’d die soon. His death isn’t anyone’s fault. But his request trapped Ashton forever. You love Ashton, but does he love you?”

Rebecca’s jaw was still clenched. I smiled at her and continued, “Clearly, you know Ashton doesn’t like you. Your brother made you his responsibility, so no matter how much Ashton despises you, he’ll still take care of you because he gave your brother his word. How could Parker burden Ashton’s life with just one promise? Is he innocent?”

“Nonsense!” she blurted out. “You’re wrong. If you didn’t show up, Ash would marry me and take care of me forever. He was stumped because of your arrival!”

I chuckled. “Stumped? When his grandpa told him to marry me, he could reject the offer. Do you really think Ashton would allow it if he weren’t willing? We’ve been married for only three years, but he has already fallen for me. What about you? How many years have you been by his side? Why didn’t he marry you in the end? If he thinks of you as a woman, he would’ve married you before I came into the picture,


Rebecca was sobbing profusely by now. I knew my words had gone straight into her heart like an iron shard. The pain must be too much for her to bear.

“Stop harming my mother. You’ve achieved your objective. I’ll stop clinging to Ashton or try to ruin your marriage. I admit defeat. Spare my mother and the Moore family. We’ll stay away from each other. You and Ashton can live happily ever after.”

Rebecca sounded agitated. She knew well I wouldn’t let Cameron off easily, but she still went ahead and begged.

Perhaps she loved Ashton dearly, or she enjoyed it when he paid attention to her. Nevertheless, that had nothing to do with me.

“I’ll live happily ever after with Ashton. Thank you for staying away from him. But I will not let your mother off easily. I’ve just started. There’s still a long way to go.”

Rebecca paled visibly. Desperate, she declared, “Scarlett, I agreed to stay away from you. Why won’t you stop? You know that if I insist on asking Ashton to take care of me, he won’t leave me alone. There will always be another person in your marriage. Are you okay if I cling to him forever?”

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