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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 277

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 277

He gazed at me and replied in a low voice. “Why do you want the sleeping pills? I told Mrs. Eriksen to take them away.”

As I was irritated, he stood up and put on his jacket. “Let’s go to the hospital.”

I pushed him away. “Ashton, just give me the pills, please. I just want to sleep. Can’t you let me take the pills and sleep peacefully for one night? Why do you insist on bringing me out?”

Mrs. Eriksen heard the commotion and chimed in immediately. “The pills are with me. I’ll go take them now. Letty, calm down. I’ll bring them here now!”

Ashton stopped Mrs. Eriksen firmly. “She’ll become dependent on it. You—”

“Shut up, Ashton!” I turned to Mrs. Eriksen and ordered, “Bring me the pills now!”

She looked at Ashton to gain his approval.

I yelled in fury, “Ashton, if you want to control me, why would you bring me back? Are you delighted to see me in pain?”

Furrowing his brows, he hugged me tightly to comfort me. “I wasn’t trying to control you. It’s bad to take too many sleeping pills. You might become dependent on it.”

“Shut the f*ck up! If you won’t let me sleep, send me to Marcus. Stop torturing me!”

“Scarlett!” His eyes reddened in anger: I was too stubborn and emotional, so he caved in. “Bring her the pills.”

Mrs. Eriksen scurried away and promptly returned with a pill.

She only gave me one pill, but it was enough. I grabbed it from her and swallowed it without hesitation. Then I shoved Ashton away and lay on the bed.

He sensed something was amiss with me. Glancing at me in bed, hệ turned to Mrs. Eriksen and commanded in a low voice. “Call Jared now and tell him to come.”

She nodded profusely and left.

After taking the pill, I calmed down and fell asleep swiftly.

However, even if a light sleeper fell asleep with the help of medication, he or she would still react to sounds.

When Jared arrived, I sensed him somehow. I also overheard their conversation.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t open my eyes. Perhaps it was because of the pill I’ve taken earlier

I heard Jared saying my condition could be related to depression.

He prescribed some medication and told Ashion, “Scarlett might be suffering from major depression right now. She feels calm in the worst situation. Make sure someone stays with her all the time. She might hurt herself anytime. When she’s mentally and physically hurt, she’ll make irrational decisions with no warning. At least she expressed her emotions today and vented at you. If she stops expressing her emotions, that means she might commit suicide anytime. Don’t trigger her for the time being. Make sure she’s in a good mood.”

Ashton grunted in response.

I didn’t manage to hear the rest of their conversation as I drifted into dreamland.

At dawn, I jolted awake. I thought the pill would allow me to sleep till the next morning, but I was wrong.

The lamp by the bedside table was switched on. I was afraid of the dark, so there would always be a light on in my room.

Wide awake, I rolled over but accidentally jostled my wound again. I inhaled sharply at the painful sensation.

Ashton, being a light sleeper, opened his eyes upon hearing my gasp.

As our gazes met, I knitted my brows. “Get out!”

His brows snapped together while he wrapped an arm around me. “Are you going to be mad at me forever?” he asked hoarsely.

I pursed my lips silently.

I wasn’t going to be mad at him forever, but right now I didn’t want to be sharing a bed with him.

I couldn’t understand why I had overreacted, but I refused to back down and ended

up dumping my negative feelings to him.

In fact, Ashton did nothing wrong. He was rough and failed to control himself when we had sex. That was it.

But I got upset nonetheless.

“Scarlett, you’re the only woman in my life. I apologize for being rough on you when we had sex. I promise I won’t do that again.”

“So, you think I should forgive you?” I might be the only woman in his life, but he had always restrained himself perfectly in the past. Why can’t he control himself now? That isn’t a valid excuse.

He chuckled. “Mm, I was too rough on you, so you shouldn’t forgive me. When you recover, you can beat me up if you’re still mad.”

I rolled my eyes at him and shut my eyes to sleep.

With one arm around me, he leaned on my shoulder and whispered, “Scarlett, I’ll get angry and jealous when another man comes near you. I feel upset when you ignore me and push me to another woman. Can you stop pushing me to others? I’m your husband, not something you can give up easily.”

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