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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 271

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 271

Pausing for a while, I asked, “What’s awaiting Felix?”

John told me the truth, “He will be sentenced to death or thrown behind bars for the rest of his life since he was the culprit behind a few innocent lives. Previously, Hector allowed Felix to get away after all the nasty things he has done because no one was around in J City. Since Uncle Louis has shown up and reported the things that Felix was involved in, he will never be set free anymore! As Hector was the one backing him up over the years, he, too, will have to bear the consequences of his actions. Honestly speaking, you did a great job because your action has allowed Uncle Louis to get his hands on the foundation of the Moore family.”

I wasn’t conscious of the exact relationship that was involved behind the scene, but I knew Cameron was a close acquaintance of Hector. They must have some sort of dodgy deals that could be exposed through a simple investigation. Perhaps Uncle Louis could get to the bottom of the Moore family’s scandals over the years. If the Moore family wished to protect the sake of the greater crowd, they would have to forsake Cameron and chase her away from the family.

John stared at me for a short while before asking, “So… are you happy about this?”

I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Hmm… Not really, because the best is yet to come! This is merely the beginning of a wild ride!”

Before heading over to meet Stacey, I found out Louis was in town to carry out his duty, but he would depart after he was done with the things he had scheduled beforehand. Initially, I asked Louis to join me for a simple meal, but he had a lot of things on his plate and didn’t have time for me.

Therefore, I headed over and meet Stacey in advance.


When she asked me to do her a favor, I thought of the options available. After a while, I figured that Stacey only wanted me to make use of Ashton’s influence to keep Felix behind bars for a few years, alive.

However, I had the exact opposite idea. Since I was involved in the operation, I figured he would definitely come after me once he regained freedom. Thus, I would never allow him to make it out alive, let alone getting his revenge.

I decided to give him a fatal blow through Louis’ aid after I had everything sorted out.

In spite of the flawless plan, I was traumatized because I was merely a step away from hell a few hours ago. After John departed, I fell asleep.

Halfway through my sleep, I opened my eyes and caught the silhouette of a certain someone by my side. It was Ashton – he stared at me with a poker face in the pitch black ward that was illuminated by the streetlamps, making him extraordinarily unfathomable.

I looked at him quietly because I was conscious he was infuriated by my careless acts. He refused to talk to me the moment we made our way to the hospital. However, he urged the doctor to keep an eye on me over and over again as he was afraid something bad might happen to me.

Suddenly, the nurse switched on the light because it was about time to change the bag of saline solution, but she noticed something seemed to be off and made her way out since it wouldn’t be necessary to change it yet.

I noticed his wrinkled blazer once the light was switched on. Ashton had a relatively haggard look while his eyes were bloodshot. Although he had chapped lips, it didn’t impact his ethereal-looking face at all.

I thought he wouldn’t break the silence should I keep quiet throughout the night, but he initiated a conversation and asked, “Aren’t you going to talk about it?”

To be honest, I couldn’t be sure of the things to talk about because all sorts of things flashed through my mind, including the part where his participation was all part of my intended plan.

Although he didn’t expose me, I knew he had figured it out after he rendezvoused with John and Louis to rescue me.

I gave it another thought and put on a pitiable front in response because I thought he would feel better after teaching me another lesson as he had always done.

Ashton got infuriated and had his abysmal pair of eyes glued to me when he noticed my response. “How could you get yourself involved because of a jerk? Is it worth it?”

He was worried about my condition because I was bruised all over my body. Therefore, he asked in a serious tone to express his concerns.

Thus, of course, I replied with a miserable look in an aggrieved tone, “I-It hurts…”

I wasn’t lying. It was like nothing I had ever felt throughout my entire life because Felix went all out and strangled me as though he wanted me dead. Thankfully, I

managed to make it out alive.

Upon that, Ashton sneered sarcastically, “Oh? Does that mean you can feel the pain?”

I pursed my lips and played along with him because I was aware of his frustration. “I didn’t expect him to be such an aggressive man either! At first, I thought you guys would rush to my rescue after a few punches, but it turned out to be slightly off track at the end.”

“Are you blaming us for not being there for you?”

I shook my head and asserted, “No! I’m grateful to have everyone there in the nick of


Just then, he recalled something and asked solemnly, “Why is Savini in the room when you’re there to avenge Stacey?

I was surprised by Savini’s response as well. But when I thought about it, I reckoned Stacey was the one who had lured him over, but the cunning man knocked himself to the wall. Thus, he managed to make it seemed as if he were there to rescue me.

I didn’t have the evidence that he was the one who had abducted me previously. So they might not believe me even if I brought it up in front of the rest. Upon that thought, I decided to keep everything to myself.


“I’m not sure, but he seems to be a close acquaintance of Felix and has dropped by to meet him.”


However, Ashton, knew that I was holding something back. Then, he glared at me and warned me, “Scarlett, tell me the truth?” ||

yes. “Are you

sure you have never seen him before?”

I nodded and assured, “What

ike have:

“Are you telling me Savini, who’s the vice president of a technology company in A City, has shown up in the hotel because he was there to rescue you? Have you always perceived me as a fool? Why would such an influential corporate figure sacrifice himself to protect someone he isn’t affiliated with?”

I was baffled because I didn’t expect Cameron to be affiliated with another influential figure from A City. Frankly, I was shocked by Savini’s actual identity.

“Are you going to believe me if I tell you he’s an accomplice of Felix?” I asked as I looked at Ashton.

Frowning, Ashton queried, “Did he deliberately hurt himself?”

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