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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 268

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 268

Stacey had arrived by the time I entered the private dining room, but Felix was nowhere to be seen. Ten minutes later, the man finally showed up and joined us.

He was surprised by my presence and greeted me with a courteous smile the moment he saw me. “Stacey told me she has a friend that’s keen to have some wild – and raunchy fun together. I didn’t expect it would be you, Mrs. Fuller! To be honest, I’m surprised by your kink!” :

I responded with a smirk, but I couldn’t get used to the odd set of outfits I had put on. It was a set of exposing outfits that I would rarely wear.

On top of that, I had gone to great lengths to doll myself up because I knew what it would take to charm a man like him.

“Mr. Ludwick! Have a seat!” I offered him to take a seat by my side and flashed him a bright smile.

Meanwhile, he sized me up over and over again as though I was some sort of exhibition item.

“Mrs. Fuller, aren’t you afraid that Mr. Fuller would find out that you’re here with us today? I mean, no ordinary man can accept the fact their spouse would, you know, have fun with another man,” he expressed his concerns, but his expression suggested he wasn’t worried the slightest.

The messed-up man had a vicious grin on his face because he was thrilled by the malicious thoughts in his mind. I recalled Stacey’s warning – Felix was corrupted to his very core.

With that, I tucked my hair behind my ears and denoted, “Well, all we have to do is to keep him in the dark, isn’t it?”

“Hahaha!” Felix laughed and announced, “I have always wondered the reason Ashton neglected you and spent most of his time with other women! It turns out you’re special!”  conversation we had

forced a smile and asserted, “We

only get to live our life once, don’t we? Thus, shouldn’t we live our life to the fullest and enjoy ourselves to our heart’s content?”


Felix swirled his glass of wine and had his eyes glued to me since the moment he

walked into the room.

He guffawed at my words because I was spot on. As revolting as it was, he enjoyed being around a woman with the same interest as him the most.

Then, Stacey took a seat beside me and whispered, “I’ll head out for a short while. Get in touch with me as soon as possible if you need me.”

I nodded and muttered under my breath, “You better make your way back soon.”

Once Stacey departed, Felix leaned over. Despite his gorgeous-looking face, I frowned subconsciously because I was disgusted by his superficial disguise, and the smell of his over-powering cologne made me gag.

I inched away and asked, “Have you always been so easily excited, Mr. Ludwick?”

I guess he can i resist his urge anymore since his wife isn’t around, huh?

“Since we’re here for some fun, don’t you think it’s perfectly fine for us to be who we truly are? I mean, we don’t have to put on a show when we’re aware of the preferences we have, don’t you think? So why don’t we have some fun and forget about it after the night ends!”

As he announced his sickening plan, he leaned over and ran his fingers across my lap.

Although I could barely resist the urge to throw a punch at him in the face, I had no choice but to carry on with the act.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t stand it anymore because he wouldn’t stop caressing my thigh. Suddenly, I raised my head and smiled while stating, “M-Mr. Ludwick, I need to use the washroom because it’s the first time I’m involved in such an activity! I-I think I’m nervous!”

It was evident he didn’t have enough of me yet. Although he was displeased, he nodded and said, “I’ll be waiting for you, darling! Hurry up!”

After I made it to the washroom, Stacey approached me and asked, “You alright? Can you handle it?”

I nodded and started washing my face with the running tap. As I was completely baffled, I couldn’t conceal my curiosity anymore.

“Have you been asking others out on his behalf through such a peculiar method all this while?”

Stacey signaled her acknowledgment with a nod and explained, “I would get in touch with university students on his behalf. If he had fun, he would allow me to live in peace for a few days. Otherwise, he would take things out on me if he had an awful session.”

I glanced at her openmouthed because I had never heard of a woman desiring her husband to have some fun with another woman.

“I want you to spike his drink with this once you have the chance. He’s an extremely observant and cautious man, so if he notices something’s off, things may head south. However, this will make him less rational.” Stacey handed over a pill to me after she finished her sentence.

“What’s this? Ecstasy?”

“Yeah! It’s best to take him out as soon as possible to avoid unwanted outcomes!”

I thought it was a great idea and walked out of the washroom after I took the pill from her.

A few steps later, she told me, “Ms. Stovall… please take care of yourself!”

Stunned, I turned around and paused for a short while. I then responded with a nod and left the washroom.

On the way back, I caught a glimpse of Felix while he was smoking in the corridor.

At first, I intended to pretend I wasn’t aware of his presence. However, I brought myself to a halt when I noticed his disgusting pair of slitted eyes because he had his eyes glued to me.

I had no choice but to suppress the frustration I felt and forced a smile as I greeted, “Mr. Ludwick!”

He seemed to enjoy the process of seducing me. After he had one final whiff of smoke, he put off the cigarette and walked over to my side.

“Scarlett, has anyone ever told you that you look great? Your smile is what kills me!” He was merely a few inches away from me by the time he finished his flirtatious remark.

I nodded and said, “Yes! You just told me that!

The perverted man chuckled in return and offered, “The night is still young! Why

don’t we go somewhere else for another round of drinks?”

“Huh? S-Somewhere else?” I queried with my brows furrowed.

“What’s wrong? Do you enjoy staying here?”

I paused for a short while and asked, “N-Not really, but don’t we have to wait for Stacey?”

He got slightly irked when I brought up Stacey in front of him. “Why should we wait for her? We can have all sorts of fun without her! It’s better for her to stay out of our ways anyway. Let’s go!”

As soon as he brought up the suggestion, he reached over in an attempt to grasp my hand, but I evaded his hands and said, “But she’s your wife. Shouldn’t you have at least waited for her?”

“It’s fine! She’ll make her way back home on her own!” Once he assured me everything was fine, he gripped my hand tightly and brought me out.

Even so, I stopped him and rebuked, “Mr. Ludwick, I don’t think that’s fine at all! You should allow me to tell Stacey we’re heading elsewhere!”

“No!” Felix seemed to be too eager. Initially, I thought the session would be conducted in the private dining room, but I was wrong because he indicated his will to bring me elsewhere.

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