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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 248

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 248

I pressed my lips and sulked. “It’s inappropriate for me to answer the call.”

My response clearly showed him that I refused to accept his family. This was no doubt an insult to him, and I immediately regretted it.


Before I could react, he reached out his hand and grabbed my chin. “Inappropriate in what sense? Are you trying to tell me you’ve spent so much time with Marcus, and soon, you’re going to be someone else’s stepmother?”

The incessant ringing got on my nerves, but I chose to ignore it.

He then exerted more force on my chin. “Have he kissed you as I did? Had Marcus made you answer a call like this, you would have done it in a heartbeat, right?”



The color drained from my face, but I tried to stay calm. I smirked, “You’re just trying to humiliate me because you think I’m filthy, aren’t you? If that’s the case, why do you still bother to come and fetch me?”

I paused for a moment and continued, “And who are you tell me what’s appropriate and what’s not? How should I face the family of a man who constantly humiliates me? Should I bow before them and wash their feet? I bet you’ve never treated Rebecca like this, haven’t you?”

He gave me a death stare as soon as I finished. Yet, his grip never loosened.

At that point, my chin was already hurting so badly, but I still put on a tough look. “There are women whom you can hit and humiliate as you wish after you’ve paid them, but I’m not one of these women. I’ll not allow a man to disrespect and degrade me all the time, and I’ll definitely not hold on to a man who failed to protect his own child.”

With his lips tightly pressed together, he let out a loud harrumph. However, by the time he turned his attention to his phone, the caller had ended the call.

After grabbing the car key, he left.

I’ll do what it takes to defend my honor too.If you don’t know how to respect me, then don’t expect me to respect you in return!

The revving sound of a car’s engine emerged from the porch, and soon, the car left the compound of the villa.

I let out a long sigh and collapsed onto the couch, feeling utterly exhausted.

Once again, I screwed up. I should not have let my emotions get the better of me. And guess who’s going to benefit from this fight? Rebecca!

It was still early, and I couldn’t sleep. Thus, I gave John a call and asked him where he was so I could meet up with him.

I had been to Paramount Club several times, so I went straight into his suite after knowing where he was.

It was a surprise to see him singing and drinking alone in the suite as I thought he was with his client.

After seeing me standing by the door, he tapped on the couch and invited me, “Come! Sit!”

I pressed my lips, sat behind him, and lowered the volume of the song. “Are you okay?”

He took a sidelong glance at me and placed the mic in front of me. “I heard you’re back with Ashton.”

I nodded and poured myself a glass of wine. “Any updates about Rebecca?”

“After the video incident, Cameron found someone to hack into my computer and deleted all the videos and photos,” he said as he leaned against the couch.

I could not help but frown, “She has her eyes on you now?”

In response, John raised his brows. “Why are you here at this hour anyway? Where is Ashton?”

“The White residence.”

“I’m afraid Benjamin’s number is up.”

He nodded then turned around and looked at me. “Are you not going to pay the family a visit? Marcus has been nice to you all this while.”

Of course, I wanted to visit them but in private. Hence, I ignored his question and moved on to another topic. “So, there’s nothing else we can do with Rebecca?”

He pursed his lips and took a sip from his wine glass. “You seem to think I’m just a good-for nothing other than having good looks.”


“That’s not true.” What an overly confident man.

He took a deep breath and said, “I’ve sent her the pictures. She should be delivering her baby by the end of the year. What are you going to do?”

Hearing his question, I was stunned for a bit and knitted my brows. “What am I supposed to do?”

By the expression on John’s face, I could tell he must have thought how unbelievably stupid I was. “Are you not going to do anvıhing to the baba?”

Ixorata not help bur bite my lips Yes I had made a cons of threatening remarks in the past, but Preses kasuala la urma baby I did not want to become just like Cameron!

De afsem let auto lang sigh. You’re too kind Dealing with Related is not dithcuit, but you’ll have ih udare de cabanes with Cameron. Not only is she cruel, but she also has years of experience in elimitong enemies who get in her way.”

Im sure I can find her Achilles’ hec 1ll start with Robried The best way to crush Cameron’s spiritis lo destroy Rebecca first!

John kept mum and did not respond Hellien looked at me, “Listen carefully. Ashton is not the father to the two babies that Rebeu had carne

Obviously taken aback, a frown marrimy face “Ilow did you know?”

I found out about this by chance It seems somcone had raped Rebecca and made her pregnant, but she eventually lost the baby due to an acudent As for this pregnancy. Joc is the father to the baby, but Rebecca insisted it was Ashton’s,” llc shrugged his shoulders.

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