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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 247

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 247

Ashton looked at me, his lips curving up into a smirk.

I ignored him and said into the phone, “Alright, I got it. I’ll hang up now.”

After I ended the call, Ashton’s eyes were still on me while his face seemed to have become a few more shades darker. “What plans do you have in mind? Even Louis Stovall is involved?”

“I’m planning to..” Divorce you!

However, I stopped myself halfway when I remembered that I still had to persuade him to give up acquiring OrbitTech. If I provoked him now, it would be difficult to get his cooperation later on.

Glancing at Jared, I asked, “Dr. Crest, would you like to eat together?”

Jared’s eyes darted toward Ashton, and his mouth tugged upward slightly upon seeing the sullen look on his friend’s face. Then, he nodded. “Sure. I’m actually quite hungry now.”

We went into the kitchen together to find that Mrs. Eriksen had prepared quite a spread. A short while later, Ashton joined us in the kitchen as well.

Both men sitting beside me were brought up in similarly strict households, so their lessons kicked in and they kept silent throughout their entire meal.

After eating, Mrs. Eriksen tidied up the kitchen. I automatically extended my hand toward Jared, who was beside me. “Recently, I’ve been experiencing insomnia, headaches, and anxiety. Take a look and see what’s wrong with me.”

Jared’s mouth arched up as he glanced fleetingly at the silent Ashton before raising his brows at me. “Alright.”

After doing the routine procedure of examining me, he reported in a solemn tone, “You have too many health problems. Firstly, you have severe gastritis, so pay attention to your diet from now on. Your insomnia has led to a weak heart rate, so your heart isn’t in very good shape now. Your poor blood circulation is probably because you didn’t focus on recuperating after giving birth. You have to take good care of yourself to recover from all these health problems.”

I nodded and withdrew my hand. When he lowered his head to prescribe the relevant medicine, I turned to Ashton with a faint smirk. “Aren’t you going to let Dr. Crest take a look at you?”

Ashton pursed his lips. “You think it’s funny?”

I raised my brows and shrugged to end the topic.

Jared kept hesitating while he was supposed to leave, so I figured that he had something to say to me and offered to walk him out.

At the villa’s entrance, he spoke up before I could, “Scarlett, did Macy contact you lately?”

I was stunned for a split second before shaking my head. “No.” When I thought about her child, I couldn’t help but ask, “You haven’t seen her recently?”

He nodded. “Please contact me if you see her.”

I hummed in response, wondering if he knew that Macy had a child. Since I was occupied with my own matters recently, I didn’t have time to think about Macy and wondered how she was doing now.

After Jared drove away, I went back into the living room, where I saw Ashton reading a book on the sofa.

Hearing me come back in, he only sent me a cursory glance without saying anything.

After hesitating for a while, I went to make him a cup of tea and walked over to his side to place the cup in front of him. “Drink some black tea for better digestion.”

He looked at me, then put down the book in his hand to reach out and pull me into his arms.

Peering at me with his abyssal eyes, he asked, “So, when are you planning to bring the matter


Even though I was taken aback, I managed to control my voice. “You know what they say. Men are the most compliant when they’re sated in bed.”

He raised his brows. “So, were you planning to bring it up when you’re lying under me?”

I nodded. “But if you’re in the mood to agree right now, then there’s no reason for me to wait.”

“Hah!” He leaned his forehead against mine and scoffed, “What do you want OrbitTech for?”




“I can’t very well be a meek little housewife. I think it’s good to be woman.” My expression was serious as my gaze landed on his Adam’s apple. Then, my eyes traveled down to the top button of his white shirt.

He raised my chin and grazed the corner of my mouth with his lips. There was a mirthless smile in his voice when he said, “If OrbitTech was so easy to acquire, do you think John and I would’ve let it drag on for a year?”

“I know, that’s why I implore you to give up acquiring OrbitTech. If both you and John give up, it’ll make things much easier for White Corporation.”

He squinted his eyes at me and said in a calm voice, “Scarlett, should I feel blessed to have such an intelligent and money-minded wife?”

Hearing the sarcasm in it, I nodded with a deadpan expression. “Working together as husband and wife is better than fighting alone, no?”

“Hah!” he scoffed. “You’re quite bold to say that.”

I pursed my lips and ignored his jab, bringing us back to the topic, “So, do you agree?”

He lowered his gaze to look at me with a cold glint in his eyes. “Didn’t you say you were going to ask me in bed?”

What the… Hah!

Indeed, his mind was constantly in the gutter.

We were bound to get into an argument if this went on, but I didn’t feel like fighting with him just yet.

To diffuse the ticking bomb, I simply asked, “What are you and the Moore family collaborating on?”

Actually, I wasn’t that interested in knowing the details and merely asked out of curiosity.

His eyes dimmed a little as he replied, “A development project.” I could hear a dangerous undertone in his words.

Fine. I guess it’s not an appropriate topic.

Hence, I stood up and was about to go upstairs, but he held me down in his arms. “Let’s watch some Korean drama.”

What?Korean drama?Is he serious?

After being apart for a while, he seemed to have become rather eccentric.

“No thanks.” With that, I tried to get up again. However, his arms remained tightly locked around me. Just then, the sound of a phone ringing reached our ears.

It was his phone.

He glanced at his phone screen. Seeing that it was Sally, he turned to me and asked nonchalantly, “Can you pick it up for me?”

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