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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 228

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 228

I stared at the files for a long moment before keeping them. “Just continue investigating. I have nothing to do with them. There must be a reason for them to attack me.”

He nodded and paused briefly before adding, “Ashton seems to be investigating this matter too.”

“It involves his child after all, so it’s quite normal for him to investigate this,” I sneered.

“Let’s go. What do you want to eat?” he asked as he took his car keys.

With no particular food in mind, I stood up and answered, “Anything is fine.”

After we entered the elevator, he said, “Are you using HiTech as a stake so that you can go against the Moore family with White Corporation?”

“I can’t believe you noticed. Are you going to stop me?” I asked with a smile.

Frowning, he said, “The Moore family isn’t as simple as we think. It’s troublesome enough dealing with Cameron, let alone Zachary.”

I nodded but remained adamant about my decision. “So what? I can’t accept what happened to me.”

Marcus knew that he wouldn’t be able to change my mind no matter what he said, so he stopped talking

Once we left the company and got into the car, he began driving without saying another word.

He always had great taste in food. When we stopped at a French restaurant, I took a glance at it before saying to him, “You should write a book about the food in K City. I think lots of people will like it.”

Marcus grinned at my words. “You’re just going to assume that they serve good food even before you start eating?”

I nodded. “This place is quite low-key, and the environment here is serene. No one would be able to find this place if they weren’t purposely looking for it. Normally, people who open up places like this don’t lack money, and their boss must be quite a sentimental person. If I’m not wrong, the chef here must be the boss.”

His lips curled into a faint smile as he locked the car. “You’re right!”

As I followed him into the yard, a waiter greeted us and brought us to the second floor. The restaurant wasn’t spacious, but there were lots of flowers and plants in the yard. It was quiet and had an artistic vibe to it.

Marcus didn’t ask what I wanted when it was time to order. Instead, he took the initiative and picked the dishes. Normally he would al-.

my liking

I had a feeling that whoever became Marcus’s girlfriend in the future would definitely be spoiled,

This man was really good at taking care of people

He handed the menu back to the waiter and said, “We’ll have tea, please.”

“Alright. Please wait for a moment.”

Atter the waiter lett, I propped my chin up with my hand and said with confidence. “You’ll detinitely have a daughter in the future.”

Stunned by my remark, he smiled and asked, “And how did you know that?”

I nodded, “Because you take such good care of people. You must’ve been a playboy with lots of mistresses in your past life.”

“Hah!” He burst into laughter. “Since when did you become a fortune-teller?”

“Since… a long time ago!” Out of the corner of my eye, I saw three people who just came upstairs. Immediately, I shut my mouth,

Noticing my odd reaction, Marcus looked over too. Seeing that it was Rebecca, Cameron, and John, he frowned and glanced at me. “Do you know all of them?”

I nodded and shifted my gaze from them, my face turning grim.

When John saw me, he quickly walked over to us, looking flustered. Grabbing my arm, he said somewhat emotionally, “Where have you been all this while?”

I furrowed my brows and pried his hand off. “I hid away to give birth. Where else could I go?”

“Where’s your child then?” he asked with a frown.

“It’s dead!” Starting to get frustrated, I shot a glance at Marcus.

Immediately, he got up and pulled John away, then suggested, “Mr. Stovall, we’re still eating now. It seems that you’re also quite busy now. How about we find a chance to talk once you’re done?”

However, the latter’s face was icy cold as he looked at me. “Since when were you so close with him?”

I chuckled in amusement. “Since when did you care so much?”

Right then, Cameron and Rebecca walked over with smiles on their faces. The former’s gaze landed on my belly. “Ms. Stovall, you managed to maintain such a great figure even after giving birth. I’m so envious.”

I pursed my lips and clenched my fists. While suppressing my anger, I answered, “Ms. Anderson,

you should pray that Ms. Larson can be in good shape like me after giving birth. Oh, right. I paid great attention during labor. I will share what I did with Ms. Larson. As long as she follows the instructions, she’ll be able to maintain a great figure too.”

Rebecca didn’t know what I was implying, so she was baffled. On the other hand, Cameron’s expression changed drastically upon hearing what I said because she knew the implicit meaning behind my words.


Her previous friendly facade disappeared as she stood in front of her daughter and replied in an icy tone, “There’s no need. Not everyone is as lucky as you are, Ms. Stovall. It’s all a matter of fate. Besides, Rebecca has been very fortunate all her life. As her mother, I would do my best to provide her with whatever she wants.”

Hah… People who still have their mothers around really are treated like treasures!


I smiled at that. “I hope that Ms. Larson would always be able to live a good life and never have to suffer…”

“Of course!” With that said, Cameron dragged Rebecca away. She took a glance at John and said, “Mr. Stovall, it seems that we have nothing to discuss anymore.”

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