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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 216

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 216

My tears rolled down uncontrollably. He raised his arms and tugged me into his embrace. He comforted me, “No matter what, you will have a place in the sun!”

I nodded and cried uncontrollably. After a while, I pulled out from his embrace. Then I saw the stains of my tears and snot on his expensive suit. It looked hilarious.

I couldn’t help and laughed. “Your clothes?” My voice was hoarse.

He sighed helplessly. He took out a tissue and passed it to me, “Clean up your own mess!”

I took the tissue and cleaned it for him, but there were still some stains.

I raised my head and looked at him, “It seems like it can’t be wiped off.” I said apologetically.


He raised his hands and flicked my forehead. He smiled, “I will have to send it for cleaning.”

I nodded, that was all we could do now.

After eating and taking a stroll, my mood was brightened up.

When we reached the mall’s car park, he went to fetch the car, and I waited for him at the exit. I was bored and stared blankly under the sun.

The autumn sun was not glaring, but it would still give one a headache if one stayed for too long.

“Jackson, did your driving skills get rusty? Aren’t you only reversing? Why are you so bad at it?”

The voice was particularly familiar. I froze in my tracks and turned over to look instinctively.

But I froze again. The voice echoed from my back. It was Jackson, “Can you stop talking? Just stay quiet!”

“I can’t!”

While listening to their voices, Marcus arrived with his car. He had also caught sight of Jackson and Marcy, and he looked up to see that my expression was grim.

He furrowed his brows, “Do you want to meet them?”

I shook my head and boarded the car, “Let’s go!” I said.

I was in a half-dead state. I would only make them worry if I met them. I might as well meet them when I get better.

He paused for a moment and said nothing else. He drove the car back to the villa in the suburbs.

On the road, the sceneries went past in a flash. I stared out the window and was lost in my


I heard a faint sigh, “You would have to get through it by yourself.”

I went silent. I knew that I had to get through it, and I needed to do it by myself.

The rest of the days were peaceful. Marcus was good at taking care of people.

But I couldn’t possibly stay here forever and impose on him.

Until now, I had been avoiding everyone for two months. I didn’t want to meet anyone. I didn’t check my phone, the television, nor the news. The days were peaceful as they went by.

Marcus was back early at night. He saw me reading in the hammock chair in the yard.

He covered a blanket on my legs and said, “The weather is cold. Stay warm, don’t get sick.”

I closed my book and looked up at him. I smiled faintly, “You are kinda like my grandma!”

He raised his brows. But he wasn’t angry because I compared him to an elder. He smiled lightly, “How so?”

Iuilted my head and gave it a thought, “Hm…you are both naggy.”

He chuckled, “Then I’ll have to do something about that. If not, you are going to dislike me.”

The maid walked out from the living room and said politely: “Ms. Stovall, Mr. White, the dinner is ready.”

Marcus brietly responded and took away the book from my hands. He took a glanced and raised his brows, “Romeo and Juliet? You seemed to be reading this these days?”

I nodded and got down from the hammock chair. I smiled, “I used to only feel pity for the love story between Juliet and Romeo. But now I could see the life stories of every character.”

He nodded and placed the book on the bookshell. “Let’s cat first!”

The villa was huge, but it didn’t seem empty. At the dining table, Marcus saw me drinking a few sips of the fish soup and scooped me another bowl, “Drink more if you like.”

I smiled as liouched my face and looked at him, “Do you see any changes in me.”

He nodded and looked at me closely, “Yes, you have lost weight.”

li was obvious that I had gained weighi since Marcus had been using all types of methods to go meio cat these days, My thin face had grown chubbier

I saw him putting down his cuileries, so I thought he was done with cang Mer a short pune, I

asked, “Marcus, I have something to say!”

He nodded and looked at me, “Go ahead!”

Having stayed here for some time, I would have thought that my life was always this peaceful if weren’t for the painful memories that had been constantly pulling me back to reality


I paused before speaking, “I’m planning to move to the city.” I looked at his face, which had gone grim. I continued, “I’m grateful for your care all this while. But I can’t be staying here forever. I can’t let you take care of me for life, nor hide here forever. You were right. There are some things that I have to get over by myself, and nobody can help me with that. K City is huge. I think I can stand on my feet in the city.”

Even though the past was painful, but I still have to look forward, right?Thud! He slammed down the cutlery in his hands and said in a low voice, “I can’t untie the knot in your heart. But if you are willing to stay here, I can take care of you forever. You don’t have to worry about providing yourself.”

I smiled forcefully and said cruelly, “I do not want to!”

His handsome face froze. After a long silence, he spoke, “Alright. It’s fine if you are going back to K City. But you have to promise to contact me at any time. Call me if anything happens and tell me any time if you need anything.”

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