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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 214

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 214

The nanny prepared a lot of delicious food. After a few bites, I could not eat anymore. Marcus frowned and was a little displeased. He selected a few choice pieces and placed them onto my plate. Then he spoke quite seriously, “Eat these!”

I pursed my lips as I really did not have the appetite. Knowing he meant well, I took a few more


Retch! Before I could swallow, however, I vomited it out together with the food that I had already swallowed before.

I vomited over the sink for a long time, and Marcus turned to the nanny in the living room, “What’s wrong with her?”

The nanny said with some hesitation, “Ms. Stovall has always been like this. Basically, she can’t eat much. Sometimes it’s okay, and she could at least get some down, but if she took an extra bite, she would throw up all of it. The family doctor has also examined her, but he said it’s psychological, so he cannot treat her.”

Finally, the retching stopped, and I washed up. Then I straightened up and looked at myself in the mirror. In just one month, I had become completely unrecognizable.

My cheeks were almost hollow, my eyes were sunken, my brows were protruding, and my chin was so pointed that it looked sharp. The plumpness from my pregnancy was all gone.

I looked down at my hands that were just skin and bones. I looked like a skeleton.

“What happened to me?” Looking at the mirror, tears gathered in my eyes and dripped onto the white basin.

Pitter patter. The sound pierced my cars.

“Your body is just recovering, so you will get better in the future!” Marcus was not cloquent when it came to comforting the distressed. His tall and slender figure stood beside me as he spoke in a low voice.

I pursed my lips as I brushed off the tears with my hands, and he handed me a tissue.

I could not eat anymore after I dealt with my emotions. Sining in the living room in a daze, my heart sull felt painful and in distress.

“Shall we go out for a stroll later?” He asked,

I lifted my eyes to him, feeling a little dizzy. The autumn sun shone on him from behind, and he seemed translucent and brilliani, looking gorgeous

I nodded, “Okay!”

The bedroom.

The White family was huge. I have always known that this villa of Marcus’ was located in the suburbs. It was extraordinarily large, like an ancient European castle, extraordinarily luxurious and elegant.

There were a lot of rooms in the villa. I have not looked at them carefully, but the one I lived in seemed to be the largest with a huge cloakroom in it.

I did not know if Marcus had a girlfriend. I always felt that the clothes he bought in the cloakroom were not only designer costumes, but they were also some very beautiful clothing.

“Do you need me to help you choose?” Marcus leaned against the door with his arms folded, and he smiled as he watched me looking at the clothes with a stunned expression on my face.

We were to go out in a short while, and I wanted to change, but looking at so many clothes made me feel at a loss of what to wear.

After turning around and shooting him a glance, I gave it some thought and decided on a black dress with gold trimmings. Then, I selected a black coat and a pair of black Dr. Martens shoes.

Holding the clothes and about to enter the next room to change into them, I was stopped by Marcus. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Every item is black. Are you sure?”

I paused and then nodded. “Can’t I?”

He pursed his lips. “No!”

Taking the clothes away from me, he picked a gold-pink dress of the same style from the cloakroom, with a rose embroidered on it. It looked dazzling and gorgeous.

Instinctively, I resisted this color, looked at him, and shook my head, “Can I change it?”

He pursed his lips, looked at the dress he had chosen, and said, “This one looks good!”

I shook my head. “I do not like it!”

He was silent, and his gaze darkened, “Must you choose lifeless black?”

I was stunned. I had never thought of black as lifeless. Yet, after he mentioned it, this color, which had been normal to me, now seemed lifeless and dull.

I sighed softly and then said with resignation, “Well, I’ll change it then!” My eyes explored the cloakroom, and I decided on a blue dress. It was not eye-catching but warm and pleasant.

I took it from the rack and looked at Marcus questioningly. His countenance was approving, and he looked at me, saying, “Yes, go and change into it.”

After I had finished changing my clothes, he had replaced the black coat with a white mink coat and told me, “Put it on!”

I was stunned but dressed up as he suggested, and then I wore the Dr. Martens shoes.

He looked and was satisfied. Nodding his head with approval, he said, “You look beautiful. How about some light makeup?”

For the first time, I felt that this man could be a good judge at a beauty contest.

These days, I had become really haggard. So, if I went out without makeup, I am afraid that I will scare passers-by.

I nodded and put on some light makeup. Then, I went out with Marcus.

Stepping into K City again, it felt like a world away. The streets were still busy. It was late autumn, and everyone had their coats on. Fallen leaves gathered on both sides of the road. The sanitation workers finished sweeping and then turned back to sweep again. It was an endless repetition.

“What do you want to eat later?” Marcus questioned me, asking for my opinion.

I tilted my head for a moment, then shook my head and said, “Dessert!”

He smiled. “I’m talking about dinner!”

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