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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 209

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 209

Surrit Jaredilell for her. Thus, she was cluant to tell him about the baby as she lid

Truth be told, Jared himself was probably still uncertain about what feelings he had tor Macy,

Ashton’s car was approaching, and we bade each other goodbye. “I’ll talk to you another day. I have to go now!”

Jared’s voice sounded on behind meer l barcly took a few steps, “Getrustworthy person to be by your side when you deliver the baby!”

I frozelor a moment but found iusirange, “All righu!” Well, I don’t have a mother in law. Unless / suffer from delivery complications, do I have to hesitate in choosing whether to save the mother or the baby

Alter I got into the car, I moved clumsily and leaned into the scat, feeling tired. “When can the job at hand be settled?”

Macy was going to deliver her baby in two months. I was worried about her as she was on her own, and the healthcare over there was limited,

Ashton started the car engine and glanced at me. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing! Let’s visit Macy when everyone is free, I haven’t seen her for quite some time.”

He agreed and sighed, touching my belly, “You must have suffered these few months.”

I remained silent and felt lustered. It would be Rebecca’s birthday two days later.

I looked at Ashton and asked, “Are you going to celebrate Rebecca’s birthday?”

Knowing Rebecca, she would definitely invite them for a party.

Much to my surprise, he shook his head and replied, “The baby is due soon. I shouldn’t go out.”

I could not help but laugh. “The exact date of delivery is not confirmed yet. Besides, there is a doctor and maids at home. What are you afraid of?”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at me. “They are not your hubby!”

I burst out laughing and stopped talking.

Looking at the scenery along the road, Cameron’s words came to my mind and made me uneasy. Though those days seemed to be calm, I felt as if threats were hiding in the dark, crouching and waiting for the time to make their death strike.

Cameron would do whatever it took to make the engagement between Ashton and Rebecca happen.

Though Rebecca was arrogant, she dared not cross the line. But Cameron was different. She was a self-made tycoon and was definitely a worrisome foe.

Ashton noticed my less than favorable condition, but he dismissed his worries, thinking that I was just tired. Thus, the moment we arrived at the villa, Ashton carried me to the bedroom right away.

I pretended to be asleep in his arms, as I was in no mood to chat. I waited till there was a pin drop silence in the bedroom before opening my eyes.

I then called Jackson and he answered after a few seconds.

“It’s five in the morning here, my dear!” His voice was a little hoarse.

I was taken aback and responded, “Why are you still at M country? Haven’t you already returned? You haven’t come back, have you?”

I thought he had returned when Nick last called me.

“No! I’m taking a flight back tomorrow afternoon.” He sounded rather tired. “Why did you call me suddenly? Is the baby here yet?”

“Not yet!” I paused for a second. “The baby is due within these few days. I feel uneasy, and Macy is not around. Could you please come back early?”

“Yeah, I know! I’m trying to settle the things over here so that I can rush back immediately. But I got caught up in the client’s matter, and it’s a bit of a headache.”

I knew he was occupied most of the time, so I nodded but didn’t press on. “Okay! My baby is due in about two weeks. I should be able to wait till you come back.” Then I continued, “By the way, I can’t reach Macy. What’s going on?”

“There is no signal at her place occasionally. She’s in a mountain, after all. Don’t worry about her! Take care of yourself and call me if you need me, or else you can look for Nick! He’s already in K City.”

I nodded and felt more secure. “Please take care of Macy. She lives far from the city, and it’s difficult to reach out for help if anything happens.”

Jackson sighed, “I know! Both of you are weird, with one hiding in the mountain and the other one feeling insecure even with her husband by her side.”

I kept quiet when I heard the sudden footfall in the corridor. “I’ll talk to you another day. Have a good rest!” I spoke softly and promptly ended the call.

Two days had passed.

Though Ashton had been busy, he would dine with me every day.

I had gotten used to waiting for him at the yard around dinner time.

It was autumn, and the evening breeze was cool. The deciduous urces shed their leaves and covered the yard with yellowish-brown leaves. Some plants had withered from the cold icmperature,

Ashton promised to get some new plants to make the yard more lively as soon as he had spare time.

“Madam, there’s a call!” Molly handed the phone over to me.

It was John.



etty!” He was smiling and wished me with a soft tone,

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