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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 208

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 208

Rebecca turned around and walked back to the room

Perhaps it was because she walked so fast, but she ran into Kristina at the corner, and the both of them collided together. “Ah!”

“Are you blind?” The collision irritated Rebecca utterly, and she pushed Kristina to the ground after balancing herself.

At that moment, Rebecca presented herself as a domineering and arrogant woman.

Kristina suppressed her anger and got up from the ground with the tacos in her hand. Fortunately, the tacos were not crushed.

She scampered to her feet and began apologizing profusely. “I’m sorry! I was in a hurry just now. It was an accident.”

“Accident?” Rebecca yelled. She then gave Kristina a side glare and responded in disdain, “It was disgusting to come into contact with your filthy body!”

Then, she grabbed the tacos from Kristina and threw them into the trash bin without hesitation.

Rebecca contemptuously ordered, “It’s dirty. Buy me a new one!”

Furrowing her brow, Kristina was speechless with rage. “Ms. Larson, you’ve gone too far!”

Rebecca responded arrogantly, “Okay! Should I inform Joe that you refuse to buy tacos for me? Should I also tell Jared and Ashton that you hit me deliberately as a payback?”

“You’re a jerk!” Kristina gritted her teeth in anger.

“Haha! Are you going to buy or not?” Rebecca looked at Kristina condescendingly with her arms folded.

I witnessed the incident from afar and chose not to interfere.

After a while, Kristina bit her lip and nodded, concealing her fury. “Okay! I’ll buy it for you.”

She then turned and walked toward the lobby of Paramount Club.

Rebecca leaned against the wall and gave me a contemptuous look. “I thought you were a brave person and would stand up for her. It seems that you are colder than I thought. Scarlett, you are not a good person either!”

She entered the room after finishing her speech.

I followed behind her and sunk in thought.

Tremovrsad I am a good penan. I dont act blindly to seek justice for anyone! Besides, I find Kristina more scherming than Rebeca after having dealt with her steal times. Didnt she have a crush on Ashton? Since

rhon did she turn her target to Jard!

Ashton vwme following Rebecca into the room, he immediately stood up and approached me Then he asked while cuddling me, “Are you all right?”

I remained silent but glanced at Rebecca, who was glaring at me and pursing her lips.

Indeed, she was jealous.

Ashton noticed my gaze and looked toward Rebecca with a scowl on his face,

Though he did not say a word, Rebecca was aggrieved at his silent warning:

I guessed Ashton had never looked at her that way.

However, he ignored her and turned to Jared and Joe. “It’s getting late. We are leaving.”

Jared got up and threw down the blanket, “I’m leaving too.”

Joe immediately stood up and replied in annoyance, “Damn! Why are you guys leaving so soon?”

Ashton glanced at them and explained, “ Scarlett is not supposed to stay up latc. You guys have a nice chat!”

Knowing I was pregnant, Joe did not say much but looked at Jared. “Why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

“I want to sleep!” Jared said flatly.

Joe was this close to lashing out curse words, but he held them back and paused for a while before speaking, “Fine! Let’s go! We must get together for a drink some other day!”

Al that moment, Kristina came back with the tacos. She realized everyone was about to leave and handed the food to Rebecca immediately. “Ms. Larson, here’s your taco.”

Rebecca did not even spare her a glance. “Why did you take so long to buy the food? I’m no longer hungry!”

She took the tacos and threw them into the trash. That was a skillful operation!

Ashton gave me an impassive glance and dragged me away. Jared frowned but did not say a word. He then looked at Joe. “See you!”

Although Kristina was upset, she remained silent and calm, keeping up her facade of being meek and gentle.

Ashton went to get his car and asked me to wait at the entrance of Paramount Club.

The sky was dark with an occasional cool breeze. It was about to rain.

“When is your due date?” A voice from behind startled me. I turned around and saw Jared.

“Soon. Two more weeks.”

He nodded. As Kristina was not there, I asked him, “Is Kristina your assistant or…?”

“Secretary!” Jared answered without hesitation. He then continued, “Did you get in touch with her recently?”

I was confused. “Who?”


I froze for a while and then shook my head. “No! I am kind of busy and seldom call her. Why?”

He shook his head and said no more.

I hesitated, unsure of what to say. “Why don’t you visit her after you complete the task at hand?”

I did not know much about their story, but I did know that people who missed each other would hold the other in their hearts.

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