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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 198

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 198

Since I was pregnant and couldn’t consume alcohol, I raised my teacup and toasted Benjamin. “Benjamin, I wish you a happy birthday. May God bless you always!”

My words brought a smile to his face. “Thank you for your blessing. May God bless everyone! Cheers!”

Throughout the meal, except Marcus, who was apathetic as before, everyone greatly enjoyed themselves.

In the end, Benjamin was drunk, so Sally took him upstairs to rest in the bedroom. In the meantime, Ashton played chess with Marcus while waiting for the cake cutting session.

I had eaten a little too much just now, so I decided to take a walk in the yard. Ashton was attentive enough in asking a housemaid to accompany me.

The Whites’ villa had a huge yard, which was home to a diverse range of flora. I got tired after a while and decided to take a seat on a nearby granite bench.

Just then, the housemaid advised, “Mrs. Fuller, it’s rather cold outside in the evening. Why don’t we head to the pavilion? It’s more comfortable to rest there as it is equipped with a cushioned hammock.”

I nodded my agreement. Reclining in the hammock, as the housemaid suggested, it was indeed more comfortable. The oscillation of the hammock made me drowsy, but I was trying to take the edge off sleepiness.

Right then, I heard the housemaid’s voice. “Mrs. Fuller, feel free to take a nap. Mr. Fuller asked me to look after you while you’re asleep. Don’t worry. We regularly put snake repellent in the yard.”

I nodded blankly. “Thanks.”

Ever since I got frightened by the snake last time, I didn’t dare to stay long in the yard. Yet, I never expected Ashton would take notice of my fear.

As I cast my worries away, the soothing evening breeze slowly lulled me into a deep slumber.

When I woke up, I realized it was nighttime, and the pavilion was dimly lit. In my half-awake state, I saw a tall figure standing before me.

Thinking it was Ashton, I buried my head in the pillow, grumbling in a muffled voice, *Ashton, my back aches a lot. I think it must be a boy because he’s so uncaring, like you.” Experiencing mild stomach pain and cramps, I closed my eyes to rest.

Receiving no response from him, I requested, “Help me massage my leg. It hurts.”

“Alright.” He agreed and then laid his fingers on my leg.

It suddenly dawned on me that that voice was not of Ashton’s.

The next moment, when I opened my eyes to see Marcus’s face, I quickly retracted my legs to back away from his touch.

In a panic, I blurted out, “Mr. White, how… Why are you here?” I regretted my words the moment they emerged. What a stupid question I’ve asked. This is the White family’s villa, of course, he could go wherever he wants!

Seeing my reaction, he retrieved his gaze from my leg while replying softly, “I’m out here taking a walk.”

I gave a perfunctory nod. Having nothing to say to him, I rose to my feet and decided to leave.

Just then, he took a seat on the hammock. “Are you avoiding me? Am I that scary to you?” he asked casually.

I shook my head. “No.”

He nodded and then uttered, “They have sent Snowball away. I apologize for Snowball’s behavior, but it didn’t mean to scare you.”

It took me a second to understand that “Snowball” was referring to the mastiff. My lips twitched upon realizing that his black mastiff was named “Snowball”His brain sure works differently from normal people

“I’m fine. I didn’t blame it.” Noticing he had gotten the blues, I paused for a while before I added, “You don’t need to send Snowball away.”

As long as he leashed the dog properly and made sure it wouldn’t cause harm to others, he need not send it away.

Raising his brow, he sneered, “I have no say in this matter.”

Sensing the resentment and a hint of sorrow in his voice, I felt sorry for him. “I’m

sorry, I didn’t…”

“Why are you apologizing?” He furrowed his brows. “I find you are in some way similar to Sally. Both of you know how to act pitiful and what to say to tug on a man’s heartstrings.” His words were rather rude and humiliating.

I got tired of standing, so I leaned against a nearby pillar. With my brows knotted, I fixed my gaze on him. “You need not direct your anger at me because I have no idea things would turn out this way. Even though your dog didn’t mean it, it has indeed frightened me. After all, I’ve accepted your apology. It has nothing to do with me that Snowball was sent away. As you’ve said earlier, you have no say in this matter, neither do L.”

I was not mad at him, but I felt displeased that he cast blame on me. Letting out a sigh, I continued, “It’s not my place to meddle with your family affairs, but I must tell you that Aunt Sally didn’t ruin your parent’s marriage. You know better than anyone else that your parents’ marriage was broken not because of Aunt Sally.”

In fact, Benjamin had divorced Sharon way before he married Sally. It was Sharon who later regretted it, putting Sally into an awkward position. That woman wanted to ruin Benjamin’s life when she saw the latter had already moved on, living a happier life than her.

“Huh,” Marcus snorted. Narrowing his eyes, he shifted in the hammock, staring at me with a scornful smile. “It sounds to me that you know a lot about the Whites’ family affairs.”

“I know nothing, and I don’t care about your family affairs,” I replied curtly.

However, before I could leave, the man had grabbed hold of my arm. “In your eyes, having a second marriage is no big deal at all, huh? Are you prepared to remarry as well? What do you think about me? You can divorce your husband and marry me. I don’t mind if you have a baby!”

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