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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 197

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 197

Ashton reacted swiftly by giving it a kick, which sent it flying onto the ground.

Later, I returned from my shock. As I took a closer look at the attacker, I recognized it was Marcus’s Tibetan mastiff. The last time when I saw it, it was tame and docile, lying beside his masterWhatwrong with the mastiff

The mastiff was seen lying on the ground, whimpering in pain; maybe it was seriously injured by the kick.

Just then, the people came out of the villa as a result of the commotion. Upon seeing his injured pet, Marcus frowned slightly and then shifted his gaze to Ashton. “Mr. Fuller, why did you hurt my pet?” His anger was clear in his voice.

Holding his gaze, Ashton replied calmly, “Please understand it wasnot my intention to injure your pet. In fact, I’m trying to protect my wife.”

Hearing that, Marcus shifted his gaze to me. He didn’t utter a word when he saw me hiding behind Ashton, shivering in fear. Being at a loss, I lowered my head to avoid his gaze.

Just then, Sally came running out of the villa in her heels. Being as clever as always, she drew a causal link between the injured dog and my abnormality and immediately figured out what had happened.

Before I had even realized it, she had rushed up to me and held both sides of my arms. “Are you alright? Your hands are shaking. Should we go to the hospital?” she asked worriedly, her voice loud and clear.

Walking behind her was Benjamin, whose wrinkled face was clouded over. Fixing his cloudy eyes on Marcus, he scolded angrily while pointing at the mastiff, “Get rid of this savage beast! Fortunately, Scarlett and the baby are alright. If not, you and your dog must pay for the harm caused with your lives!”

With his eyes full of hostility, Marcus let out a snicker. “To you, I’m no different from a dog.” His words oozed with sarcasm.

However, I could tell he was upset when I caught sight of the emotions hiddenat the bottom of his eyes. “Benjamin, I’m fine. Today is your birthday, and we shouldn’t let this spoil the mood.” I tried to introduce a note of levity so that Benjamin would go easy on his son.

Sally, too, tried to jolly Benjamin along. “That’s right. After all, Letty is alright. Dinner is almost ready, so let’s get in!”

Benjamin’s expression softened as he cast his eyes at Ashton and me. “You and your wife are so thoughtful.” Then, he invited us in. “Now, come on in! I bet you guys must be hungry already.”

I shook my head, smiling faintly. “No. I’ve been eating all day. Ashton has been feeding me up since I got pregnant. Hopefully, I won’t become as fat as a pig the next time you see me.”

“Haha!” Benjamin gave a hearty laugh. “You’re such a cheeky young lady!”

“That’s true,”Sally concurred with his husband, “Letty is indeed lovable. That must be why she caught my dad’s eye.”

The tension in the atmosphere was reduced in a minute.

As the others entered the house, I turned around to check on Marcus, who was standing beside his dog. The man held a gloomy expression, and an air of desolation surrounded him.

In the living room, Sally was serving us tea.

Ashton took out the gift we prepared, handing it over to Benjamin. “I heard from Aunt Sallythat you love collecting antique porcelain. I came across this at the Glenderg Auction and decided to bid it, thinking you might like it.”

Benjamin brightened up the moment he saw the porcelain. “That’s very caring of you. I’ve sent my men to look for it at the auction, but I was told that it was bid on by someone else. It turns out it was you.” While carefully holding the porcelain, a smile gradually appeared on his face. “Thank you for the gift. I like it a lot.”

Smiling pleasantly, Sally complimented, “Ashton has always like that. Now that he is going to become a father himself, he has learned to bemore considerate toward others.”

“Actually, I almost forgot to bring the gift. Luckily, Scarlett reminded me.” Ashton said humbly.

I was slightly bewildered when he suddenly gave me credit. In fact, I had not the slightest idea that he had prepared a gift.

Benjamin handed the porcelain over to Sally. “Keep it in the display room. Be

carefull” Then, he turned to face me. “I suppose the due date is around the corner. Have you gotten in contact with the hospital? Make sure you make all necessary arrangements before the delivery of the baby.”

I nodded in response. “Yes, we’ve contacted the hospital. Ashton has had everything prepared.”

Sally gave her husband a nudge. “Oh! Ben, put your mind at ease. Ashton and Letty know what they should do.”

Soon, dinner was ready, and all of them took their seat in the dining hall. While the servants were serving the dishes, Sally tried to strike up a conversation with Marcus. “Marc, you’re not young anymore. It is time for you to settle down and build a family. Are you dating anyone?”

However, her effort to engage Marcus in their conversation was in vain. With a cold expression, the latter replied impassively, “No.” An awkward silence ensued in his curt reply.

As if she was used to his distant attitude, Sally laughed it off as if nothing untoward had happened. Benjamin, on the other hand, was displeased. He scoffed, “I wonder who would have their eyes on him. He is in no way husband material nor a good father.”

“Well, well, now that is the pot calling the kettle black.” Marcus sneered while asking rhetorically, “You think you’re really a good father?”

In an instant, Benjamin’s anger spiked. “Yolu… How dare you!”

“That’s it! I believe Marc didn’t mean what he said. Don’t take it to heart.” Sally interrupted her husband. “Don’t ruin this wonderful atmosphere. Come, have a try at this wine from the Merlin Winery.” With that, she raised her wine glass to make a toast.

Observing their exchange from the sidelines, I must admit that Sally played a crucial role in the family. Although she had the potential of stirring up a fight between the father and son, likewise, she had a knack for defusing potentially explosive situations between them.

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