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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 191

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 191

Dr. Linnard glanced at the surly expression on Ashton’s face before turning back to me and nodding. Not sure what else to say, she agreed, “Sure!”

I called the waiter over and had him wrap up the desserts for me.

Feeling annoyed at how Ashton was looming over me, I stood up and told Dr. Linnard, “I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

All she could do was nod awkwardly.

The weather was a bit hot so I moved to take cover under the shade of a large tree. Ashton had followed me out with Rebecca close on his heels.

I instantly took in the way Rebecca looked like she was about to cry.

“Why did you have to reject my mother’s suggestion? She’s right, you know. Are you going to waste the rest of your life on a child?” she cried out in a teary voice.

Ashton ignored her as he headed in my direction. Coming to a stop before me, he practically ordered, “C’mon, get in the car!

“You can leave first if you’re busy. I’ll wait for Dr. Linnard!” Then, I shot Rebecca a pointed look and smiled thinly. “Besides, it looks like the two of you still haven’t finished talking yet. So please, do continue!

“Scarlett!” he snapped in annoyance. “We can talk when we get back home.”

My expression was serious as I nodded. “That’s true. Whatever we have to say can be said back at home while we’re lying on our bed comfortably. We have all the time in the world, after all. That’s why I’m telling you to talk to Ms. Larson here now.”

“Scarlett, you!” Rebecca’s face flushed in anger, “You’re absolutely shameless!”

I stared at her in bewilderment. “Ms. Larson, in what way am I shameless? Ashton and I are married. Naturally, that means whatever we have to say to each other can be said at home. What are you acting all innocent for? You’re about to be a mother yourself. I’m pretty sure you’ve already had sex countless times. Is there really any need to act all prudish like this?”

The redness on Rebecca’s face spread all the way down to her neck. Feeling both humiliated and infuriated, she glared at me. “Scarlett Stovall, you-”

“That’s enough!” Ashton scowled heavily and turned to Rebecca. “I’ll have Joseph send you back.”

With that said, he tugged me away.

“Ashton Fuller, let me go! Didn’t you see how Rebecca was close to tears? Don’t you know that you’re supposed to treat a woman gently?” I berated Ashton. Rebecca was still standing at the same spot, her eyes red and growing misty.

He stopped walking abruptly, the movement was so sudden that I was unable to stop in time. I crashed into his hard chest and pain shot through me. I hissed as my nose started throbbing.

I lifted my head to glare at him. “Couldn’t you have warned me that you were going to stop?”

He sneered and replied, “I don’t know how to treat a woman gently; you said so yourself.”


“And you only proved how true my statement was! All you know how to do is spread your seed around. Everything else is probably too hard for your simple mind to understand,” I was still mad at him so my tone was harsh and unforgiving. “Sorry to have ruined your wonderful date with Rebecca, even though it was purely a coincidence that I bumped into you guys at the cafe. However, to use such a tasteless method to get revenge is petty and humiliating even for you.”

“Getting revenge?” He grimaced and continued, “Scarlett, can you at least try to be reasonable? Do you have to be so critical and nasty when you speak?”

“How else am I supposed to talk to you?”

He shut his mouth and resumed dragging me in the direction of the villa.

As I walked behind him, my pace was incredibly slow due to my burden. At last, he stopped and asked me, “Do you need me to carry you?”

I quirked an eyebrow at him. “Sure!”

His gaze landed on my distended abdomen before he scooped me into a bridal carry.

He had barely taken a few steps when he stated, “You’ve gotten heavier.”

Etcuse me? Is he seriously calling meheavily pregnant womanfatHow the f*** is that even fair

I glared at him before shutting my eyes. It was easier for me to ignore him if I could not see him.

I was not exactly mad, per se. But at the end of the day, I was still a woman, it was only natural that I would be upset seeing him together with Rebecca.

Normally, I would have pretended not to notice. However, my hormones were more than a little out of whack due to my pregnancy. This led to me being unable to control my emotions as much as I would have liked. Before I knew it, I had become a shrew.

“Heh!” My eyes popped open at Ashton’s sudden scoff.

We were back at the villa already. There was a black Bentley parked outside the gates. Having seen it several times before, I instantly knew who it belonged to.

Itnot that long ago that John was hospitalized because of AshtonWhat is he doing here again

John was a very handsome man with a tall and lean figure. He had the looks and the wealth to have every single female falling over herself to be with him.

Presently, he was holding a large bouquet of roses and a gift box.

Thankfully, there were not a lot of people who came by this neighborhood. If this had been at the entrance to a company or a shopping mall, he would have definitely attracted the attention of a large crowd of females.

I patted Ashton’s arm, indicating I wanted to be set down.

He chuckled coldly and commented, “What a useless, good-for-nothing jerk who doesn’t know how to get a decent job and earn money. The Stovall family will be ruined if it really ends up being managed by him.”

I was struck speechless by Ashton’s wordsSince when is he so talkativeAren’t your arms sore at all? Put me down!”

“Why?” He looked down at me before turning to glare at John icily. “Planning on complaining to him about me?”

Wellwellthis is firstIs that jealousy sense 

“So you would rather I speak and do nothing and just wait to see tomorrow’s headlines, is that it?” Eyeing the stormy expression on his face, I continued, “K City is nothing like J City. You probably don’t want to see the news headlines tomorrow all proclaiming how two such important men as you were fighting over a pregnant woman like me, would you?”

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