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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 185

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 185

For someone as attractive as Marcus, it was no surprise that she had eyes on him all the time

“Thanks again for helping me out today, Mr. White. And thank you for dinner, as well.”

He had done quite a bit for me today. I couldn’t just keep quiet and not thank him for his deeds.

He frowned slightly and grunted indifferently at me in response. After that, he said nothing further.

Our meal was a very quiet affair, but it was not unexpected. After all, we were individuals who barely knew each other. Neither of us had much to say, to begin with, especially since he seemed like such a refined and elegant person. Marcus was attracting quite a bit of attention with his good looks as well.

After eating my fill, I set aside my cutlery.

Having noticed my movements, Marcus lopked at me. In a low voice, he asked if I was full.

I nodded and smiled faintly at him.

He put down his cutlery as well and wiped his mouth clean in a graceful gesture. “Let’s go then.”

Marcus’s way of handling things made it difficult for me to find common ground. Even so, I realized that he was not cold or aloof, but rather, he radiated a certain calmness. He was the type who used that level-headedness to solve any conundrum

When I got into the car, I saw that the clock on the dashboard said nine o’clock.

As I thought of the divorce papers I found in the drawer of the study, my heart sank. A part of me was reluctant to return to the villa, but I had no choice. Even though K City was a large place, I had nowhere to go

It took me a while to notice the scenery outside the car. I was taken aback. Wasn’t this the city center? Marcus had not brought me back home but to the Greenleafe Residential Area instead. “The White Residence?” I queried, looking at him.

“You’ll spend the night here.” His expression was impassive and difficult to read.

I was stunned. Yet before I could say more, he had already parked and exited the vehicle.

I followed him into the White Residence, only to be met by a teary-eyed Sally who was coming downstairs. She had her coat on and appeared to be heading somewhere.

The sight of me and Marcus together stopped her dead in her tracks. “Wait, why are you with Marcus?”

“I found her along the way.” Having said that, Marcus went upstairs, seemingly reluctant to continue the conversation.

Sally looked at me, and her panic-stricken face relaxed a little. “What were you doing wandering about without your phone and purse?”

I chuckled sheepishly. “I…forgot to grab them before I left.”

Sally then pulled out her phone to make a call. For a moment, I didn’t know what to say, so we merely sat there in silence.

It didn’t take long for Ashton to arrive. Sally had been waiting by the door and immediately flung her arms up to slow him down. “Calm down, Ashton. She’s fine,” said Sally in hushed tones. “Don’t startle her and speak calmly.”

Her voice was lowered, but I could still hear what she said.

I plopped myself onto the couch and tried to suppress my emotions.

Grunting at Sally in response, Ashton entered the living room and walked towards me. In a low voice, he asked, “Have you had dinner? Are you hungry?”

I nodded once and then at Sally, who was standing right behind him. “Thank you for this, Aunt Sally. I’ll be heading home first. Please also convey my thanks to Marcus.”

After that, I got up and walked out of the villa without sparing Ashton a second glance.

Sally followed us from behind to send us off. “Drive carefully!” she said with a wave.

When I got into the car, Ashton didn’t speak but leaned over and tried to help me fasten my seatbelt. I brushed him off and fastened it on my own. After that, I looked out the window in a daze.

He paused, not speaking, and started the car.

The journey home took no longer than thirty minutes. I got out of the car after he parked and noticed that the villa was brightly lit. Quite a few people were standing in the courtyard as well.

Among the small crowd that gathered, I spotted the doctor, the housekeeping staff, and a few bodyguards whose faces were unfamiliar to me. I paused briefly to glance at them again and went straight to my bedroom without a word.

Ashton didn’t enter the bedroom till half an hour later. By then, I was ready to go to bed.

I lay there in a daze when I heard some movement in the room. I opened my eyes and saw that Ashton was there, removing his blazer.

“Can I sleep alone tonight?” I was on my side of my bed, but I chose not to hide the weariness in my voice.

He continued to remove his clothes without a word and threw them all aside in a pile. “Why?” he asked icily. Even his gaze was cold.

“I just want to sleep alone.” I looked at him again, waiting for him to make a decision.

He pursed his lips and said nothing for a while. “You’d better give me a satisfactory explanation!”

I looked at the patterns on the sheets. “We should start getting used to our impending separation,” I said irritably.

Suddenly, Ashton sneered at me. “It’s only been a while, and you’ve already found your next target? Have you taken a liking to Marcus?”

“What bullsh*t are you going on about this time, Ashton?” My anger flared, and I could not help but raise my voice at him.

He snickered. “Isn’t it so?”

I suppressed the turmoil in my heart for a moment, but I was not sure of how to respond. All I felt was panic, anger, and frustration coursing through my veins. After a brief pause, I looked at Ashton and asked, “Do you hate me?”

Maybe I calmed down too quickly, or maybe the question I asked was too naive. Ashton frowned. “Why would I hate you?”

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I moved forward and leaned against the bedframe. “All that I am right now should’ve belonged to Rebecca. I’ve appeared out of thin air and caused a disruption in both your lives and caused you both to break up. The fault is mine alone.”

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