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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 177

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 177

He was taken aback. “What are you and Ashton doing in K City?”

I didn’t explain much to him. Besides, he was not seriously injured. Staying in the hospital was just a ploy to get my sympathy. I looked at him and said plainly, “Some business to deal with!”

As I turned around to leave, he raised his voice, with a bit of coldness, “You’d better leave Ashton soon.”

I frowned, not wanting to engage in further conversation with him.

When I returned to Macy’s ward, she had finished eating the pasta. She had been medicated and was up by herself, peeling the green mangoes I had brought for her.

Seeing me back in her ward, she acted really silly. “Babe, where did you get these green mangoes? They taste exactly like those from the tree in the garden back in R Province.

I sat down beside her and watched her eat quite a few at one go. I couldn’t help but feel worried. “You’re eating too many. Are you okay?”

She shook her head. “I can finish all that you brought!”

I was speechless. John had brought quite a lot and I almost took all the green mangoes here.

The main reason was that she ate a portion of pasta and then so many green mangoesWill this affect the baby she is carrying?

“Darn it, you’re eating like a horse!” Jackson walked in and exclaimed when he saw the way Macy was eating.

Seeing Nick coming together with him, I felt surprised. “Mr. Harrison, are you with Jackson most of the time?”

Macy was a busybody. With her hands full of green mangoes and looking at the two men, she put on an evil smile. “Are you two doing it?”

“Doing what?” Jackson looked at her and asked, “You’d better stop eating or else you’ll die of overeating. Eat less but more frequently. Be careful of your eating habits, Macy.”

She speered and ignored him but turned her attention on Nick. “Mr. Harrison, are you here to visit me?”

Nick looked at me and smiled gently. “Yeah!” It was obviously perfunctory.

Macy curled her lips and kept quiet.

Nick looked at me and asked, “Are you going to K City?”

I glanced at Jackson. This guy told him everything. Nodding my head, I replied, “I’ll be there for a few days and will be back soon.”

He nodded, “That’s good. I have to go over to run an errand. What time are you leaving?”

“My flight is at six in the evening.”

“F****!” Jackson cursed, “Why didn’t you mention it earlier?”

I was stunned. “What business do you have there?”

“I could go with you!” When Macy gave him a contemptuous look, he rubbed his nose. “If I had known that you were going to K City, I would have returned to M Country to work.”

“Too many things happened in the past few days so I forgot all about it.” Then, I looked at Nick and asked, “When are you going to K City?”

“I’ll go tomorrow!” He raised his eyebrows. “Perhaps, we’ll meet again in a few days time.”

Seeing that we were all leaving, Macy complained, “None of you will be in J City so what am I supposed to do here? That’s it. I’m going back to the village and staying there.”

Jackson found a seat and sat down. Looking at me, he asked, “Did Ashton plan to take you to a doctor in K City?”

I nodded, “That’s part of the plan but not the only reason.”

After we had chatted for a while, Ashton came over and asked us to have lunch together.

Macy was well enough to move around but not Jared.

* Naturally, I asked, “Is Dr. Crest well enough to move around freely?”

“He’s a doctor so he knows better!”

Having said that, I did not have much to say. It was just that when both our friends got together for lunch, the atmosphere might get odd.

Ashton booked a restaurant and we had a big private room in which Nick and Jackson seemed to have an unending list of topics to discuss.

Macy was all focused on the food while Joe was busy looking after Rebecca.

Rebecca tried hard to serve Ashton with some dishes while I took a few mouthfuls of food that he got for me.

It was extremely boring.

Everyone at the table knew each other but didn’t meet often. The only stranger was Jackson.

Sitting between Macy and me, Jared looked pale as he still needed to be hospitalized.

He did not speak much and spoke even less now. His gaze fixed on Macy most of the time. Seeing that she was eating without any control, he frowned and said, “Eating too much is bad for your digestive system.

Macy lifted her eyes and glanced at him. She replied with an indifferent expression in a plain voice, “Alright!”

And then, she continued to eat.

That was her character. Seeing that she paid no heed, Jared did not say anymore and just frowned.

Rebecca looked at me, and with a well-controlled and pleasant expression, she spoke gracefully, “Ms. Stovall, would you like to introduce your friend to us?”

She meant Jackson!

Jackson was always babbling and he might even seem to be too carefree. However, he was even more protective of his friends than Macy.

He knew about what happened between Rebecca and Ashton.

From the time we sat down till now, he has been talking to Nick, but his eyes had been looking towards Rebecca, waiting to find a chance to blast her.

At this opportunity, Jackson said, “You must be the legendary Rebecca, right? The one who snatches someone’s man by crying, and got accepted into a family by lying?”

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