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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 175

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 175

With a sigh of relief, I lay down and got ready to sleep.

The next morning.

I woke up earlier than usual.

Ashton had not woken up yet and he was sleeping very soundly. Even then, his sleeping posture was very pleasant to the eyes. His neat and short black hair revealing his classic facial features which were well-defined.

It was the first time that I looked at his face so carefully.

His eyelashes were very long, his lips were tightly closed and the corners of his lips were turned down slightly!

This facial expression was an indication of constant alertness.

It had been said that people who slept with this posture were persistent and insistent on getting their way.

Indeed, Ashton fitted that description.

He had a broad chest, wide shoulders, and a narrow waist. Additionally, his legs were well-proportioned and slender!

His level of alertness was extremely high even when he was sound asleep.

He opened his pitch-black eyes suddenly with not the slightest bit of sleepiness and staring straight at me.

As our eyes met, I was taken aback for a moment but quickly returned to normalcy.

After a while, his tense body relaxed. His eyes narrowed and he stretched out his hand. “Come here?”

I looked away, without the slightest embarrassment of being caught looking at him in his sleep. “You get more sleep. I’m going downstairs.”

Mrs. Eriksen must have gotten up early and gone to the market. The box of fruits that John brought earlier was still in the yard and it was too big for me to move it alone.

I decided I might as well just fill the fruits in a plate and brought some in. John was right. They were all fruits from R Province. The tomatoes were not very big but they tasted good.

The green mangoes were great too. When I was a kid, I always liked to eat that with chili. It tasted superb.

He sent a lot. Macy had always said that she craved for them, so I washed some and packed them for her. After checking the time, I sent her a message.

Since she was still in hospital, I would send them to her later.

Hearing some movement from the top of the stairs, I turned around to look and saw it was Ashton in grey pajamas. He was tall and slim and looked attractive even in pajamas.

“Why don’t you sleep in?” It was stilearly and there was nothing for him to do

“I can’t sleep,” Ashton’s eyes seemed cold but there was a compelling air about him. Sure enough, he looked at me for a long time and said softly; “I am restless.”

I could not help but remain still. I put down my mobile phone and told him plainly, “Later, I shall be going to the hospital to see Macy.”

“Scarlett!” He embraced me from behind and his voice was raspy. “Cats tend to be irritable and cranky when they are feeling unsettled. Humans are the same and we haven’t done it for a long time.”

His voice was full of suppressed desire, “Shall we go to the bathroom? Huh?”

I said nothing

Sure enough, no matter how proper and well-dressed a man might be; he would become a horny ba*tard whenever he had sexual urges.

Since silence was consent, he held back no more. His hands moved around my waist and explored, sliding up and down.

“Ashton, this is the living room!” If he continued and if Mrs. Eriksen came home, we would be so embarrassed.

“We’ll go to the bathroom!” As he spoke, he had already picked me up and stepped into the bathroom. Then, he turned on the shower before putting me on the edge of the bath. He put his arms around my waist as he lowered his head onto me.

I was not surprised, “Ashton, no…”

His voice was low and seductive as he caught my hands and our fingers intersected…

We did not speak.

After rolling in the tub for nearly an hour, I lay limp in his arms. He washed me and dressed me in some clothes he selected.

He carried me into the living room and placed me on the sofa before going back to bathe himself.

have finally had good understanding of the saying – hungry wolf is an angry wolf

John called me quite a few times. While Ashton was in the bathroom, I answered the call, feeling quite tired. “What’s the matter”

“Are you awake?” Hearing the tone of his voice, I realized that he had woken up too early and had nothing to do.

“Yes, I am. So, what is it?”

“I want to eat the pasta you cook. You bring it to me later!” His tone was really childish.

I frowned as I felt rather annoyed. “The nurse will do it for you. I have some errands to run later.”

“Scarlett,” he used a stronger tone, “if you don’t bring it for me, I shall come to your place.”

This is madness

I calmed myself down and replied, “Okay. I’ll make it for you.”

Then, I hung up immediately.

Mrs. Eriksen came back from the market and looked surprised when she saw that I was already up. “Do you have something to do? Why are you up so early?”

“It’s nothing. I slept early last night so I woke up early.” Then, I got up and took the shopping bag from her hands. “Is there any minced beef in the kitchen?”

She nodded, “Yes, we do. I bought some more today. Why? What would you like to

eat? I’ll cook for you.”

I smiled and said, “I’ll eat anything you cook. Just leave some minced beef for me to cook some pasta which I’m bringing to the hospital.”

She could not help but feel surprised and she gave me a puzzled look. “Is it for the gentleman who was here yesterday?”

As Ashton was coming downstairs, I smiled without replying to her. Then, I went back into the living room to sit down.

He had changed into a suit and sat down leaning next to me. He looked relaxed as he turned on the TV.

I frowned. “Don’t you have any plans for today?” There was so much to do at the office. How could he find time to sit down and watch TV with me?

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