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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 150

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 150

Judging from the situation, I was certain that he was unaware of Macy’s pregnancy. “How about you tell me what happened between you too first?”

“Nothing happened!” He sounded irritated. He sighed and resumed his work.

It seemed that Macy did not tell him about her being pregnant.

After some hesitation, I decided to tell him about Macy. “Dr. Crest.”

Before I could even begin, he eyed my belly and said, “How have you been feeling?”

Knowing that he was referring to the baby, I nodded. “Pretty good!”

“That’s good to hear. It would be best if you take these once a day. Oh, and remember to maintain your usual diet patterns.” He opened his drawers and took out a box of medicine.

After handing me the medicine, he returned to his pile of papers without another word, leaving me with no appropriate opportunity to talk to him about Macy.

Wellguess therenothing can do now

After staying silent for a few moments, I could feel that the atmosphere was getting awkward and eventually left his office.

When I arrived at Ashton’s office, Kristina had just poured him a cup of coffee and was organizing his desk for him.

They seem close

A voice echoed in my headIf shenot after moneysheafter his heartThateven harder to deal with

I sighedBut Rebecca and Kristina are two different peopleHe wouldnpossibly...But if he does falls for Kristina one day..

My head was starting to hurt from all these thoughts. I massaged my temples for a bit before entering the office.

Upon seeing me, Kristina smiled and promptly left.

Ashton put aside the papers on his desk and pulled me close. “Where did you go just


“I paid Dr. Crest a visit,” I replied, my eyes darting around the office. Ashton’s office was really big, and Kristina’s workspace was right around the corner outside his. She would be able to see what he was doing just by looking up a little.

Gotta admit that woman got good spot

“What are you thinking about?” He asked, stroking my hand.

I looked back at him and leaned my head on his chest. “I’m thinking about a romance drama called the foxy secretary and Mr. Wolf.”

He cracked up. “And how’s it going?”

Pouting a little, I pointed a finger at Kristina’s desk outside his office, raising an eyebrow. “Can you see her? The foxy secretary.”

“So, does that mean I’m Mr. Wolf?” He said with a grin.

I nodded and walked toward the sofa. Sitting down, I said, “Mr. Wolf is suave but a playboy, while his foxy secretary is young and beautiful. You can pretty much call them a match made in heaven.”

KnockKnockJoseph had arrived outside the office after distributing the fruits as I had instructed. Still grinning from ear to ear, Ashton said calmly, “Come on in!”

“Mr. Fuller, according to the latest updates from OrbitTech, it seems like they are going to sign an acquisition contract with Animus next week!” Joseph said, passing over some files to Ashton.

Ashton nodded and gave Joseph an odd look. Joseph blinked. “Mr. Fuller, is there something wrong?”

“Were you the one who put that there?” Ashton asked, gesturing at the workspace right outside his office.

Joseph turned to look and paused for a moment before asking, “Mr. Fuller, are you unhappy with the position of Kristina’s workspace?”

Ashton simply gave him a look.

Upon seeing Joseph turning to look at me, I shrugged and said, “It has nothing to do

with me.”

Ashton laughed, “You shall take over Kristina’s job. I’ll arrange for her to work for Joe. I don’t really need a female secretary here.


Though it seemed that Joseph had something to say, Ashton cut him off straightaway and added, “Please help me make a reservation for a restaurant nearby.”

Ashton was making it crystal clear that he did not want Joseph to talk too much. Joseph nodded at him and made his way out.

As we watched Joseph leave the office, Ashton turned to me again and asked, “Okay, are there any more plot developments that you would like to share?”

Making myself comfortable on the sofa, I said, “Well, with the foxy secretary gone, I’ll think about another story. This time, it’s called the delicate princess!”

Ashton stared at me and rubbed his temples for a bit. After keeping the documents on his desk, he walked toward me and said, “Rebecca has already left for K City.”

“I know.”

Later at noon, because it was summer, J City was in a state of perpetual heat. The weather was so hot to the extent that most people would prefer to stay at home. As such, the streets became less crowded, and the restaurant that we visited was quite empty.

While Ashton made the orders, he caught a glimpse of me resting uncomfortably on my seat and asked, “Are you feeling unwells”

I nodded. “The weather is ungodly!”

Squinting my eyes and smiling at him meekly, I said, “Ashton, you’re feeling the heat too, aren’t you? So you’ll understand my urge to have something icy, right?”

Back at the villa, he would always take it upon himself to ensure that I was not consuming anything cold, making my cravings even worse.

“This place is air-conditioned. I’ve also ordered you some juice. You’ll feel better after drinking that.” He gestured for the waiter to adjust the temperature of the air conditioner.

Hearing that, a flash of irritation stirred within me. I glared at him and huffed, “I’ve just lost my appetite. I’m going home!”

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