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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 147

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 147

Eventually, I got up and went to the bathroom for a shower. The warm water stung as it hit my swollen bits. After a minute-long shower, I stumbled back toward the bed and collapsed onto it.

I was so drained that I was already fast asleep when Ashton walked out of the bathroom after his shower.

I could vaguely remember him holding me for a bit before leaving.

When I woke up, night had already fallen. Sleeping in the daytime always made me feel as if I had a hangover.

I took my time to get out of bed.

Ashton seemed to be busy with his phone calls in the study. Upon seeing me come downstairs, Mrs. Eriksen immediately went to the kitchen to get me some food.

I did not really have the appetite for all the dishes she had prepared and got her to keep them after a few bites.

The sound of a heavy downpour could be heard from outside. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Seeing that Mrs. Eriksen was still occupied in the kitchen, I went to get the door myself. It was Kristina.

She looked absolutely stunning. At the golden age of twenty years old, she seemed to be able to rock anything she wore.

Nevertheless, she was already very much a fashionista herself. Donning a military green casual top matched with a pair of black high-rise wide pants, she looked youthful but classy. Her hair and accessories also looked good.

“Hi, Ms. Stovall. I’m here to deliver the documents that the president requested!” She said as she closed her umbrella, her charcoal eyes peering behind my shoulder.

She was obviously looking at Ashton.

I nodded. “Come on in!”

My brows furrowing, I could not help but wonder why would Ashton get a girl to send him documents on such a stormy day.

Meanwhile, Ashton, who had come out of the study, also frowned upon seeing Kristina. “Why is it you? Where’s Joseph?” He questioned.

Kristina chuckled shyly and replied, “Mr. Campbell’s girlfriend fell sick. He’s kind of occupied with that now, so he got me to come instead.”

She then passed the documents to him.

Just then, Mrs. Eriksen appeared from the kitchen again with a cup of water in hand, she looked at Ashton and said, “Mr. Ashton, Ms. Stovall didn’t eat much just now. I think she’s feeling under the weather too. How about you cook her some pumpkin soup later? It’s her favorite!”

I was a little taken aback. Evidently, those words were not meant for Ashton but Kristina

There was a slight change to Kristina’s expression at that but otherwise, she still looked normal.

GoshMrsEriksenThanksbut you might be overthinking thisIn the two years that I had been together with Ashton, there was something that I sure about, and that was the fact that he still loved and felt indebted to Rebecca.

However, he was not a playboy who would lay a finger on just any girl.

After taking the documents, he gave me a look and nodded. “Sure!”

With her task completed, Kristina felt compelled to leave. She gave Ashton a look and promptly made her way out.

As Ashton went upstairs to organize the documents, Mrs. Eriksen pulled me to one side surreptitiously and asked, “Hey, Letty. How could you just let some strange woman enter the house like that? Did you see it? Her eyes were glued to your man! How are you so calm about it?”

I could not help but smile. “Mrs. Eriksen, it’s not that serious, you know? He’s quite busy with his work. Ms. Ludwick is his secretary. She came for work-related matters.”

Mrs. Eriksen clicked her tongue. “Didn’t seem like it to me, That girl clearly has a crush on Mr. Ashton. You’d better watch out!”

Seeing Ashton walking down the stairs, she dropped the banter and went back into the kitchen.

After sleeping for half a day, my eyes felt swollen and dry, so I decided to wash up again. When I came out of the bathroom, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a bowl of pumpkin soup on the table.

My eyes darted to the kitchen. Mrs. Eriksen had already returned to her own room. On the other hand, I could see Ashton reading a book in the living room.

Upon seeing me, he said, “Go and have some soup first.”

“You made it?”

“Yeah. Have a taste,” he replied.

Seeing how it was a question that Mrs. Eriksen brought out of nowhere and the fact that he agreed to it so casually, I never would have expected that he would actually prepare the soup for me.

However, because I wasn’t feeling too hungry, I only had a few spoonful.

As I glanced toward the living room, I was a little swept away by Ashton’s elegant side profile as he immersed himself in his book. He looked like a noble warrior basking in the light of dawn in some Renaissance paintings.

He exuded a different type of aura from John. For John, the aura he exuded had always been one that was cold and manipulative like that of a vampire. No matter how gentle and caring he would try to act, he could never hide his cold blooded nature.

“Is my face more appealing than your food?” His voice suddenly sounded in my ears.

Coming back to my senses, I realized that he had already walked into the dining room and was standing before me. “When… When did you…”

He raised an eyebrow in amusement and said, “I was already here when you were still giving me that thirsty look.”

Gosh..This guy is too much

Diverting the topic, I said, “There’s too much soup, I can’t finish it.”

He frowned upon looking at the left-over soup.

“I actually ate a lot just now! Mrs. Eriksen prepared a lot of food for me, and I had half a bowl of this! I… It’s not like I’m a pig so…” My voice trailed off.

He laughed, “I’m not interested in rearing pigs either!” As he spoke, he took the bowl

from the table and began drinking the soup.

My eyes widenedjust ate from thatAnd used that spoon!This..Isnthis tointimate

As I watched him eat, I could feel my face burning up.

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