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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 145

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 145

Hearing that, he chortled. “Sure. Make me the kid’s godfather, and I’ll let the kid inherit my assets.”

Is he drunk

At a loss for words, I pushed the salad bowl closer to him as a way to shut him up. “Have more of this.”

He grinned cheerfully as he ate from the bowl. “Letty, I’m serious. I want to be your kid’s godfather.”

Right then, my phone rang. Once again, it was from Ashton.

I did not wish to pick it up, but the phone kept ringing, and Nick could not stop talking. Hence, I accepted the call.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at the barbecue restaurant.”

“The address.”

Not wanting to meet him, I answered, “We’re almost done, and I’ll be back soon.”


“Do you want me to make an announcement through the PA system in the mall?”

F*ckFeeling agitated, I grumbled in my heartHow can this man be so annoying

“It’s just around the corner.” The moment I finished the sentence, I ended the call.

By now, I was almost done with my meal. Realizing I had eaten a larger portion than usual, Nick giggled. “Do you want more?”

I nodded. After all, Ashton was going to be here soon, and I was not going to let him watch us eat.

Two minutes later, Ashton arrived.

Swiftly and naturally, he took his seat beside me and placed his arm behind me. Looking at the plate on the table, he asked, “What else would you like?” “I’m full.” It was an honest answer. I had finished almost a plate full of meat earlier, and it was more than enough.

“We’ve ordered more food,” Nick replied. “Mr. Fuller, aren’t you a busy man?”

Ashton gave him a glimpse before responding, “Somewhat.”

Nothing good could come out from Nick, and I never had any expectations for him to speak good words either. Yet, it still surprised me to hear him say, “That girl earlier looks like she’s at least ten years younger than you. Mr. Fuller, are you interested in younger ladies recently?”.

I froze in the middle of drinking my water Is he challenging Ashtonpatience?

Observing Ashton’s expression from the corner of my eye, I realized he only had a casual smile on his face. “So, you like pregnant ladies?”

I immediately spat out the water I had yet to swallow.

Ashton peeked at me before he gracefully wiped my face with a few pieces of tissue. Feeling anxious, I took the tissues from him and continued dabbing my face.

Meanwhile, Nick had the gloomiest expression I had not seen the whole time. “Not exactly. It’s just so that the person I like is a pregnant woman.”

What the hell

I promptly shot him a glare. Are you trying to play with fire

He averted his eyes from me, choosing to stare at Ashton with a defiant look instead.

Still calm and elegant, Ashton muttered, “What a pity this pregnant lady is already someone’s wife, and she’s about to become a mother. You have no chances.”

“Not necessarily. There are many people who marry again. She is just too young and inexperienced, she married the wrong person. Hence, it is just a matter of time for her to marry someone else.”

Utterly disinterested in their conversation, I stood up and announced, “I’m full. Enjoy your conversation.”

Then, I headed out. Behind me, I heard Nick’s foolish words. “Letty, we’ve made an agreement. I’ll be your child’s godfather. If that doesn’t work out, I don’t mind become the child’s father either.”

I walked away even faster at that.

The car was parked outside the mall, and it did not take me long to reach it. Ashton had followed me to the parking lot, and I could see a terrifying grim look on his face.

After starting the engine, I uttered, “Put on your safety belt.”

He shot me a look before he responded, “I won’t die.”

Hearing his haughty tone, I did not insist and drove back to the villa. It was only four in the evening, and it was still early.

Mrs. Eriksen was still tending to the garden. After a few days of hard work, the garden that had been wrecked in the heavy rain was back to its lovely state.

Noticing my return with Ashton, she smiled and asked, “You’re back. What do you want to have for dinner tonight?”

“Anything’s fine.” Ashton replied before I could.

Then, a pain traveled up my arm from my wrist, and he dragged me back to the bedroom.

Once he slammed the door shut, he strode toward me. The shadow of his towering figure loomed over me, and I felt a tinge of fear creeping onto me.

“Ashton, you….” I was a little overwhelmed by his sudden anger.

“Godfather?” A mocking smile curled on his lips. “And he even wants to be the father. Scarlett, when did the two of you get so close?”

I was lost for words as I cursed Nick for his blo*dy mouth in my heartOf althe things to sayhe has to say that

Raising my head to look at Ashton, I plastered a smile on and mumbled, “He’s talking nonsense. You were there, so I’m sure you could tell that it’s nonsense too.”

“I can’t” At that, he dropped his head and bit my neck.

Feeling a sharp pang of pain, I yelled, “Ashton, you’re being unreasonable!” Clearlythat was clearly NickrubbishHealready in his thirtiesHow cahe norealiztheyrrubbish?didn’even saanything about him having lunch with someone elseAll Nick did was spout some nonsenseand healready acting like this

At that moment, I felt I was wronged and I glared at him.

Looking at me, he narrowed his dark eyes. Then, he slowly pressed light kisses on the spots he bit as he mumbled, “You are ungrateful!”

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