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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 134

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 134

Noticing that I was in a daze, she sighed helplessly. “Forget it and continue clinging on to Ashton. After all, you’ll be reluctant to leave until disappointment finally overwhelms you.”

After a pause, she entered the bathroom, sighing as she went. What she said was quite true and I had nothing to say.

When she came back out again, she dried her hair as she asked, “What do you want

to eat later?”

“Anything is fine.” I was particularly envious of how determined Macy could be. I was always one who could never let go, and over time, some people were disgusted with my stupid attitude.

Q City was a place perfect for living. It was a slow-paced city with lower living expenses, pleasant weather, and plenty of good food. It didn’t matter where I was-in the city or at the outskirts. The entire Q City was a picturesque sight.

In spring, the entire city would be covered with cherry blossoms. In summer, there would be blue jacarandas. In autumn, maple leaves scattered across the streets. In winter, soft, white snow veiled over everything.

No wonder Jared kept recommending me to move here.

Macy was a gluttonous one. Now that she had a baby in her, she did not need to watch her figure anymore. As her morning sickness symptoms were not severe, we spent most of the following days eating and shopping.

After staying in Q City for a few days, Macy told me she planned to stay in the countryside for a few days but I didn’t go with her.

No matter what happened in the future, I had to clarify things with Ashton.

Hence, I bought the tickets to J City while Macy bought tickets heading to the countryside. We split ways at the train station. After boarding the train, I soon found a window seat.

When I was a young child, I remembered hearing Auld Lang Syne playing in the streets of R Province. Back then, I did not understand why so many adults loved the song, and I did not understand why it had been so popular. Now that I thought about it, the song was a special memory to some people. It was a song that symbolized the longings that could not be conveyed with a few letters in a time when technology was not as advanced.

Perhaps I was too lost in my thoughts, as I did not know that John had sat down beside me. I only saw his face when I turned around after the train had moved.

“What a coincidence, Letty.”

I swiftly turned away to avoid seeing his smile, feeling annoyed. He was good with technology, and getting a seat beside me was an easy feat for him.

“What do you want, John?” I was someone ordinary, so I knew not of a reason for him to keep coming back to me.

Instead of answering immediately, he stared at the passing scenery before he slowly said, “A sense of belonging.”

sense of belonging

I knitted my brows. “Your sense of belonging comes from me?”


He fell silent as he turned to stare at me instead.

Unable to comprehend his words, I kept quiet.

Q City to J City was just an hour’s train ride. John had gone through the trouble to sit beside me, but all he did was silently watched the scenery outside.

“Dear passengers, we have reached J City,” came the voice in the speakers as the train came to a stop.

I stood up to take the suitcase above, but before I could reach it, he took them.

My clothes were in the suitcase, so it was not heavy. However, it was not that light


John was taller than me by at least half a head. I looked at him before reaching out for the suitcase and said, “Thank you.”

i ens hem aan die he

He used one hand to hold the suitcase and his other hand to hold my outstretched hand. Instantly, I frowned and tried to retract it.

However, he stopped me. “There are many people around. It isn’t safe.”

My frown deepened. “I know. Let go of me.”

It was as if he did not hear me. I tried to take my hand back several times, but all he did was tighten his grip. As the passengers slowly filed out of the train, we followed the crowd too.

As we walked out, I could hear the quiet discussions of the people.

“Wow! That man is gorgeous!”

“Don’t stare at him. Can’t you see he has a wife already? She’s pregnant too.”

“Oh, you’re right. What a pity. How fortunate his wife must be.”

At that, John turned to me with a hint of a smile on his lips.

I ignored his expression as I continued to follow the crowd with my eyes lowered.

The train station’s exit was crowded. I was heavily pregnant, but John was escorting me out. Fortunately, most people made way for me, so nothing happened on our way out.

After exiting the train station, John made a call before leading me to the side of the road.

Irritated, I said, “We’re already out, so it’s time for you to let go of me. I’m going to take a cab home.”

He lowered his head slightly to look at me. “I’ve asked someone to pick us up. I’ll take you home in a while.”.

“I’ll be fine.” I reached out my other hand to pry his away from mine.

However, he tightened his hold again and asserted, “Be good. Fuller Corporation’s stock has been falling for a few days. Although it’s not a long time, there are stockholders who couldn’t hold out for that few days. You just left Fuller Corporation, and you might encounter those stockholders who are out for blood.”

“There’s no need for you to try to scare me. Fuller Corporation’s stock prices only dropped for a week. So something like that won’t happen.” I was not one to invest in stocks, so I could not understand what he meant.

He glanced at me as if I were a clown making a fool of myself.

A black Bentley parked at the side of the road. Without saying anything, he handed my suitcase to the man in black who came down from the car. Then, he pulled me toward the car.

There were many cabs around, but since his ride was already here, it would be melodramatic for me to keep it up. Hence, I entered the car.

John took his seat beside me and instructed the driver, “To The Tulip.”

My brows furrowed. “If we’re not going to Peakville Estate, I’m going to take a cab instead.”

At that, I moved to leave the car, but John stopped me. “It’s already noon. Even if you’re not hungry, are you not going to care about the baby in you?”

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