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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 132

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 132

Before Macy could even finish her words, she was stopped by me. “Just go, I’ll be fine!” 

With that, she didn’t say much after that. Nonetheless, she stared angrily at John and warned, “If you dare to harm her in anyway, I’ll take you on at any cost!” 

John raised his eyebrows and said nothing. 

Macy left after that. 

The lady wearing green-colored gown changed my teacup as well as the tea for me. She looked at me and mentioned, “If Ms. Stovall is afraid of insomnia, you can try drinking a bit of black tea. Don’t worry about insomnia and you can take it without any doubt.” 

“Thanks!” I smiled at her. 

John looked at the lady and frowned a bit as though he blamed her for acting without his consent. 

The lady then shut her mouth and kept quiet while smiling sweetly at me. 

After John had a few sips of tea, he gazed at me. “Since you already left Fuller Corporation, aren’t you planning to divorce Ashton?” 

I giggled. “Since when is Mr. Stovall interested in someone else’s personal matters?” 

He frowned and asked, “Is there a need to differentiate between general and personal matters among us? Letty, you should know that I can let you live a better life should you leave him.” 

“Do I look like I am not living a good life now?” The incident that happened at Fuller Corporation in J City has caused a great commotion. Thus, I am not surprised that he knew about it. 

He put the teacup that he held on to the table with a deep gaze. “Letty, you know that I understand you better than yourself. Stop pretending to be tough. You know clearly that Ashton is not your refuge. The best way out is for you to leave him.” 

“Ah!” I couldn’t help but laugh, “Is Mr. Stovall kidding? Even if I have left Fuller Corporation, I am still’ Ashton’s legitimate wife.” 

“Tsk!” He took a sip of tea while his eyes were fixed to focus on me. He commented in a strange tone. “You are so confident and that makes me feel a little surprised. I came back from K City just yesterday. There is a rumor among the well-off families saying that Mr. Moore and Ms. Anderson had found a son in law with a dignified demeanor that goes by a family name of Fuller.” 

After saying that, he laughed spontaneously. “Where is your hubby, Ashton currently?” 

John had intended to make me feel disgusted. However, I pretended not to hear his words and calmly replied, “Mr. Stovall, if there is nothing else, then I shall leave first.” 

He gave a cold smiled while looked at the green dress lady next to him and said, “Hannah, tell my beloved sister about the incident at K City!” 

I frowned while feeling a little annoyed. “There is no such need. It’s late now. I need to leave!” 

“Ms. Stovall, there’s no need to rush. Since you have come, just treat it like you are listening to a story. There is no need to be so impatient!” Hannah started to speak as she remained relax. 

Oddly enough, this lady, Ms. Anne doesn’t seem like the type of woman who indulges in debauchery with the disposition that she possesses. 

“Listen first?” John rested his chin on his hand while looking at me. 

I didn’t reply so as to imply giving in silently. Since I had heard a lot of stories, I wouldn’t mind hearing another one. 

Hannah gave a soft smile while filling up my teacup as she spoke, “Mr. Stovall and I were at K City for few days. During our stay, we heard some news regarding Mr. Ashton!” 

She paused for a while and continued, “Maybe not all of those stories are true. So, Ms. Stovall can just treat them as gossips.” 

“Thanks!” I answered while guessing what the stories would probably be. 

Ashton had stayed in K City for almost a month based on the time calculated. During this time, I received neither calls nor text messages from him. Even if he stayed at the emergency room, he should have come out after a few days. 

It was funny as I struggled reluctantly to make the decision. Basically, I was unsure 

what were the things that I couldn’t let go of. 

“The Moore family in K City has been bureaucrats for three generations. Therefore, they are quite well known in K City. Nonetheless, Zachary is a happy-go-lucky type of person in the Moore family. Over the years, he has his eyes only on one lady, Cameron Anderson. However, she is neither an exemplary lady nor from an upper class family. Thus, the Moore family objected to their relationship. Later, she got pregnant and left K City. Then, she ends up encountering unscrupulous people and her daughter went missing too. Both Zachary and her suffered from this bleak relationship for years. She depends on the chairman of the Cruise Corporation, Mr. Smith’s support in order to come this far and was given new lease of life. In addition, she also found her lost daughter with the help of Zachary.” 

After saying that, Hannah caught a glimpse of me immediately before looking back at John. He seemed gloomy and remained silent. 

Hannah then continued, “Ms. Stovall also knows that Rebecca is the missing daughter of Zachary and Cameron whom they have found. The Moore family in K City has also recognized Cameron’s status. At the same time, Ms. Larson has been accepted into the family. With that, her name has been changed from Rebecca Larson to Lynn Moore. It is said that the Moore family is fond of this girl and has prepared a grand banquet for her during the mid of next month. The Moore family has searched for violin teacher among the world greatest to teach her as she likes playing the violin.” 

Upon hearing until this point, I became a líttle bit impatient. “Ms. Anne, why are you telling me all these things while they are not related to me at all? I wish to know what is your motive behind this?”. 

She just smiled softly while calmly explained, “Yes. Ms. Stovall won’t care about someone who is not related to you but Ms. Stovall, at least you should care for your husband, right?” 

I just giggled. “As such, do I need to hear from others about my husband’s well being?” I sighed, “The two of you probably think too much. Anyway, I would still like to thank the two of you for expressing concern over my personal life. However, as far as I am concerned, I think I should at least believe in him no matter what he did. Perhaps, I should take this gossips with a pinch of salt. 

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