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When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 125

When There Is Nothing Left But Love Chapter 125


“Do you know where Ms. Anderson is?” I didn’t trust Rebecca, so I had to confirm it with someone else.

“She was sending Rebecca to K City with Zachary. Oh, I think your husband went with them as well.” Nick was probably staying up late as he didn’t sound tired at all. I could even hear the faint clacking of his keyboard in the background.

“Have they checked in with you from K City?” I asked with a frown.

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“No, why would they? I’m a nobody!” He raised his voice a little.

“I meant your mother, Cameron. Did she text you saying that they’ve all landed safely in K City?” I didn’t know a lot of people in this circle, so Nick was the only person I could ask.

I heard a loud smack when he slammed his fist on his keyboard. “She has never talked to me about anything for over twenty years now. There’s no way she’d tell me about minor stuff like these! Anyway, why are you calling me this late at night? Is there something you wanted to ask me?”

“I’ve received word that the plane they took was involved in an accident. Could you please help me look into it?” He was the only person I could count on to find out more about what happened.

“Okay, I’ll go check!” he said after a brief pause and hung up the phone, leaving me to wait for his reply.

Feeling empty without Ashton around, I went downstairs and switched on all the lights in the villa.

I even tuned into the news on TV in hopes of hearing something about the accident, but there were no reports about it whatsoever.

Nick called me back about fifteen minutes later. “I’ve booked us tickets for the earliest flight. It departs at seven. Are you coming?

I shuddered a little upon hearing that. “Yes!” My voice was weak, and I was finding it difficult to breathe.

I had a ton of questions in the back of my head, but they all ended up stuck in my throat.

“Things got a little bumpy when the plane made an emergency landing at the airport, but I think they’ll be fine,” he said after a long pause.

“Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow morning!”

I couldn’t go back to sleep after hanging up the phone, so I sat in the living room with my arms wrapped around my knees. The next four hours felt like hell as I sat there in the huge and empty villa, waiting for time to pass.

suppose smaller house wouldve been better..

At dawn, I packed my stuff and left the house as quickly as I could.

Nick was already at the airport with the tickets in hand by the time I got there.

The airport wasn’t that crowded at the time as most of the people there were in a hurry.

Nick glanced at his watch when he saw me and said, “We’ve got half an hour left. I think we should go through security now.”

“You didn’t get any sleep at all, did you?” I asked when I saw how pale he looked.

He raised an eyebrow at me. “I could ask you the same thing.”

I kept quiet, simply nodding in response.

The queue at the security wasn’t long, and it was soon our turn. I handed my flight ticket and ID card over to the security officer, who gave me a strange look after seeing my name. “Scarlett Stovall?”.

I saw that Nick had already cleared security on his end and urged the officer, “Yes, that’s right. Could you please hurry it up? We’re in a bit of a rush.”

“Sorry, but we’ll need you to cooperate with the investigation,” the security officer replied.

Before I knew what was going on, two young men in police uniforms had come up to me and began dragging me away.

Nick ran over and stood in front of them. “What’s going on here, officer?”

“We’re from the Bureau of Industry and Commerce (BIC). We’ve received reports of Fuller Corporation being involved in the black market, so we’re having Ms. Stovall

come with us to aid the investigation.”

I had no idea what they were talking about

Nick grabbed one of them by the arm and said, “Why are you guys arresting her? She’s an ordinary employee! If anything, you should be arresting the person in charge of Fuller Corporation!”

“Sir, please don’t get in the way of us doing our job. Ms. Stovall is an employee of Fuller Corporation, as well as the wife of the person in charge. Most of the company’s documents were signed by her, so she has a direct connection to this case. You may consult a lawyer if you have any further inquiries.”

“Don’t worry; I’ll go check on things in K City. We’ll decide our next course of action then!” Nick called out to me.

This is bad..With both Ashton and myself absent from Fuller Corporation during such crisisInot sure if Joe and Jared can handle it on their own..

The police officers brought me to an interrogation room where I was sat down in front of a middle-aged woman. “My apologies for bringing you all the way here like this, Ms. Stovall. As your company has been involved in some legal issues, I will need to record my following conversation with you. I hope you will cooperate with me in this investigation.”

I nodded, having finally calmed down from the shock and fear.

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