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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 943 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 943 by Desirenovel

Elliot was afraid that his daughter would be bullied at school and felt worried even though he knew that there was only a very slim chance of that happening. His daughter was very beautiful and had a very assertive character. Everything would be fine and dandy if no one provoked her, but if someone pushed her buttons, she would definitely fight back even though she could not win against them! As a result, he had a word with the school in private.

“You’re such an awesome father.” Avery teased him.

“I know what I have done is far from enough, but I’ll continue to try my best.”

Avery looked at Layla and explained, “Your brother will be back a bit later today. Your father was out the whole day to pick Aunt Tammy up and just came back. It was a pretty long day for him, so I left some food for him.”

“Oh,” Layla answered after hearing the explanation. Since there was a reasonable explanation, she put away the attitude she had shown Elliot earlier. “Mommy, I like my magic wand!” Layla took Avery’s hand and walked toward the dining room. “I’m going to be the most beautiful little princess tomorrow.”

Avery said, “You’ll always be the most beautiful little princess to me.”

Layla’s face blushed after being praised and she said energetically, “Mommy, let me tell you a secret!” Having said that, Layla turned her head to look at Elliot. The girl seemed worried that he would hear it, but at the same time, worried that he would not hear it.

In the end, Layla said the secret in a voice that only Avery and Elliot could hear. “Hayden took Tiggie apart last night!” Avery had an embarrassed expression and glanced apologetically at Elliot. Elliot said magnanimously, “It’s fine. The gift is for him. It’s his to do whatever he wants with it.”

Layla then continued, “Harden said that Tiggie is too stupid. He can’t stand such a stupid thing in the room, so he wants to dismantle Tiggie and make Tiggieed smarter.”

Avery and Elliot were both speechless. It turned out that Hayden was upgrading Tiggie instead of destroying27 it. Mrs. Cooper brought the food to the table and took Robert from Elliot’s arms. As he looked at the sumptuous dinner on the table, Elliot found it rather depressing that Robert could only drink milk and felt pity all of a sudden. “When can Robert start eating solid food? Can I give him somede meat?” Avery explained, “For now, he can only eat baby cereal, vegetable puree, and fruit puree.”

“Can you eat meat puree 52 then?” “Why do you insist on feeding your children meat?” Avery looked at him in puzzlement. “Do you think eating meat can make him grow faster and smarter? You know what, it doesn’t matter what you think. He still can’t eat meat yet.” Elliot explained his reasoning, “I just think meat isce delicious.” “You should eat more then if it’s that delicious.” Avery placed a plate of spare ribs in front of him.

“We shouldn’t be arguing in front of the children, Avery. It won’t be a good influence ongf them.”

Avery asked Layla, “Do you think Mommy and Daddy are arguing, Layla?” Layla blinked her beautiful eyes. “How is this arguing? Mommy is obviously lecturing Daddy.” Avery gave her daughter a piece of meat and told her to close her mouth. After having a satisfying dinner, Elliot did not stay too long because he was afraid that Hayden would come back anytime and sulk after seeing him. Avery walked him to the door after seeing how tactful he was. “Thank you for picking Tammy up today.” She thanked him with some hesitation. “You’re welcome.” He looked at her awkward little expression and said hoarsely, “See you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” She lowered her eyes, turned around immediately, and closed the door before returning to the living room. The driver drove the car over and opened the car door for him. He shifted his gaze away from the closed villa door and got into the car. Half an hour later, the black Rolls-Roice drove through the driveway leading up to the villa.

A sneaky and extremely suspicious black figure was spotted outside the villa fence. Elliot immediately lowered the car window to try and see the person’s face.

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