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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 819 by Desirenovel

Chapter 819

“Okay, if she doesn’t want to come, don’t force her, ” Avery said.


As Avery expected. Tammy did not want to come, but it was not because Elliot was there. It was because of Eric.

Tammy was a fan of Eric. She wanted to see him badly, but because she drank too much the night before and cried terribly in the night, her face was extremely puffy that day. Her eyes were reddened and puffy that she could barely open them. She could not see anyone under such conditions.

After dinner, Avery sent Eric off. When she returned to the living area, she saw Elliot carrying Robert. This was the first time she saw Elliot carrying a child. She could see that he was a little nervous. His body was tense, especially his arms.

Elliot was tall. He had slender limbs. Robert, on the other hand, was extremely small. Elliot was probably afraid that he might drop the child.

“He knows I’m carrying him, but he is not crying at all.” There was a hint of delight in his tone.

Mrs. Cooper smiled and said, “Robert is still young, he doesn’t recognize anyone yet!”

Elliot responded awkwardly.

“Mr. Foster, you have to live with the kids, only will they be close to their parents when they grow up,” Mrs. Cooper advised, “Once you’re back in Aryadelle, you should move to Avery’ s house and take care of Robert together! Not only for Robert but also for Layla and Hayden. “

When Avery heard what Mrs. Cooper said, she immediately looked at Elliot.

Elliot was engrossed in looking at Robert. It was like he did not hear what Mrs. Cooper said.

Mrs. Cooper saw Avery looking at her, she smiled and said, “Robert just woke up. Mr. Foster wanted to carry Robert, so I passed Robert to him.”

“Hmm. Had Robert had his milk? I’ll go make him some, ” Avery said and went to the disinfectant box to retrieve his milk bottle.

Elliot carried Robert and followed her. He wanted to learn how to make milk for his children. Once he knew how to do it, he could make it for Robert too.

“Are you tired, carrying him?” Avery asked.

“He’s so small. It’s not tiring at all.”

“Then you carry him longer.” Avery’ s arms were sore from carrying Robert. Her back was sore too, which was why she always put him on the bed.

Suddenly, an idea appeared in her mind. “Should Robert sleep with us tonight?”

Elliot understood why Avery said that. She did not want to spend time alone with him.

“Hmm.” Elliot did not mind. He has never taken care of children before. At that moment, he was willing to try anything for his children.

In a blink of an eye, it was nine at night. Avery put Layla ?bSff= + ?m Hayden to bed before returning to her bedroom.

Robert was in the middle of the huge bed. Elliot was sitting by the bed, holding a toy and playing with Robert.

After Avery entered, Mrs. Cooper left the room.

“You go take a shower first.” Elliot looked at her exhausted face. He said heartbrokenly, “Just go to bed after your shower. I’ll take care of Robert tonight.”

Avery felt a little moved. If Elliot wanted to be a good father, she would not stop him.

She took her pajamas and entered the bathroom.

Half an  hour later, she came out of the                                                                  bathroom and saw Elliot, topless, carrying Robert.

“Why did you take off your clothes?” Looking at this thin-fit body, her face blushed hotly.

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