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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 818 by Desirenovel

Chapter 818

When they came out of the mall, Eric saw how they were standing closer to each other and seemed  more relaxed. They looked like any other couple in the streets.

When they entered the mall, they were still tugging around as if they were fighting.

What made them reconcile so quickly was definitely not the gifts in the mall. If Elliot could resolve their conflict by giving Avery gifts, they would not fight all the time.

It looked like Elliot gave in to Avery.

When they returned to the mansion, Avery kept her gifts in her room. She never thought that Mrs.

Cooper had already moved Elliot’s things over.

“Didn’t you say you were hungry? Go have some food first!” Elliot said.

“Hmm, I’ll go pack up a little. Take my room tonight. I’ll go to the small room.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll take the small room.” Elliot did not want to take up her space. “This morning was an accident. I’ll be careful in the future.”

“Are you threatening me?” Avery looked at the bruise on his forehead. “Are you trying to sleep with me?”

“Forget about trying.” Elliot entered the room and shut the door. “So, what if I sleep with you? Do you think I can do anything to you?”

Avery blushed red. She never thought he would say such cheap words.

“You just had a baby. What do you think I’ll do to you?” He walked over to her and loomed over her, looking down at her. “How could I bear to watch you stay in the small room?”

Her misunderstanding of him immediately vanished. His body warmth overwhelmed him. She pushed him away, troubled. “Let’s have some food!”

When in actuality she was not hungry.

When they were buying the necklace, the salesperson gave her some food. It tasted quite good, so she had quite some of it.

Coming out of her room, they realized that others were already seated at the dining table.

When Mrs. Cooper saw them, she immediately said, “Come eat! Layla said she was hungry, so we have started eating.”

Because Eric was there, the children’s attention was all on him. On top of that, Mike had more things to talk about with Eric, so naturally, Elliot was being left out.

After lunch, Avery got Elliot to rest. “Are you coming as well?” Elliot asked.

” I’m not taking a nap. Eric is leaving at night, I’ll spend some time with him now,” Avery did not care about Elliot’s reaction. She said calmly, “You’re hurt. You need to rest more. I don’t want you to return back to Aryadelle with your injuries still unhealed.”

Avery said <d’ !=!= n headed to the living area.

Eric brought gifts for the children. When Hayden and Layla received their gifts, they immediately opened them.

“Avery, this is for Robert.” Eric passed Robert’ s gift to Avery. “I don’t know what to get him, so I bought him a coin of his zodiac.”

Avery accepted the present. “Eric, I think you spend at least half a year thinking about what to buy for me and the children.”

“Haha, at least my life wouldn’t be that boring, ” Eric said and changed the subject. “Have you and

Elliot reconciled? I see that he is very jealous.”

“Even if we haven’t reconciled, he is just like that,” Avery said, “He said that he would not get married, but he wouldn’t let me get married to. He is single right now, but he wouldn’t let me have a boyfriend either.”

“What right does he have dictating you?” Anger flashed in Eric’s eyes.

Mike chuckled, “Haha! Eric, you don’t understand. Even if they are not together,  that doesn’t  mean that they don’t love each other! Elliot knocked his head this morning, he wasn’t bleeding but Avery still sent him to the hospital for a CT scan. If I were t o knock my head, I wouldn’t receive this treatment.

Avery glared at Mike.

Mike coughed and took his phone out. “I’ll call Tammy and see if she wants to come over.”

Avery said, “Elliot is here. She wouldn’t want to come.”

Mike asked, “Why? Because Elliot knows her ex- husband? But you know her ex-husband too?”

Avery said, “Elliot and Jun are not just acquaintances. They are close. Tammy is strong-headed, she would not want to let Elliot see her being sad.”

“So, what if Elliot sees her being sad? Let’s take a step back, so what if Jun sees her being sad?” Mike shrugged. “I don’t know whether she is hungover or not. I’ll go pick her up.”

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