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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 799 by Desirenovel

Chapter 799

There was a knock on Elliot’s door. Then, it was pushed open.

Ben entered. “Elliot, it’s almost the New Year. How do you plan to celebrate? Will you be home or out on holiday?”

Elliot did not look up. His tone was calm. “I’ll be spending it at home.”

“Then, I’ll come over to your place to have dinner! I’m not going back to see my parents.” Ben walked over to Elliot’s desk and sat down. “Chad’s culinary skills are quite good. We’ll get him to cook.”

Elliot look at him and said directly, “You all don’t need to accompany me.”

Ben scratched his head. “It’s not only to accompany you. My parent’s house is too cold. They are on a vacation on a tropical island right now! I don’t want to be their third wheel.”

Elliot said, “Your parents have such a good relationship, why don’t you get married?”

Ben sighed. “If I get married, that means I have to bear a huge responsibility. I think being single is quite good. I get to have fun with whomever I want.

“You still can’t get over Chelsea, right?” Elliot thought for a while and told him, “Chelsea’s face is ruined. She should still be in the hospital.”

“I know, I want to visit her, but I’m afraid she can’t take it. She must surely not want to see anyone right now.” Ben smiled mockingly. “I used to admire her a lot, but that was in the past. After she used me to go up against Avery, she no longer has a place in my heart.”

Elliot picked his cup of coffee up and had a sip.

“Sometimes, I think that time is cruel. Not only will it change our environment, but it also changes our hearts,” Ben teased, “But don’t worry, I will never betray you.”

“You got it the other way around, ” Elliot corrected him, “It’s because people change, which is why the environment changes according to it.”

“You’re right. Thinking that one could be friends forever, yet they become enemies in a blink of an eye,” Ben said helplessly, “At least the terrible year is coming to an end! Next year will be better!”

“Our financial report is not that bad,” Elliot comforted him.

“Haha! Yes! I’m going to get fireworks! We’ll have fireworks in your courtyard throughout the entire night!” Ben chuckled =e4+;4<v left.

At the hospital.

Charlie was discharged that day. He has decided to head home to recuperate. Chelsea was asked to discharge as well, to leave together with him, but Chelsea was unwilling to do so.

If she could, she hoped that she could stay in the hospital forever. That way, she did not need to face her ugly face.

Charlie sat in the wheelchair. He looked at Chelsea on the bed coldly.

“Chelsea, only your face is ruined. There is nothing to fear,” Charlie said relaxedly, “Let me see what your face has turned into.”

Chelsea’s injured left face was wrapped in bandages.

She refused to let the doctors unwrap the bandages or even change them.

“No! Charlie! Don’t force me!” Chelsea’s tensed body started to tremble.

Charlie glanced at the two bodyguards by the side. ” Pin her down.” Then, he instructed the doctor, “

Unwrap her bandages!”

The bodyguards disregard Chelsea’s struggle, pinning her to the bed.

The doctor quickly walked over and unwrapped Chelsea’s bandages.

Chelsea has been crying every day. She refused to change her bandages, so not only did her face not heal, but it had turned worse.

Disgusting blood and body fluids mixed together. It was a terrifying sight to behold! No one dared to look at it straight!

Charlie looked at the wound on her face. He was stunned for a while before mocking, “Chelsea, oh, Chelsea! Even beggars on the streets are better than you!”

Charlie’s words broke Chelsea’s heart. Not only did he humiliate her with words, but he also got someone to bring a mirror over, forcing her to see how scary her face was!

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