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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 798 by Desirenovel

Chapter 798

“You’re right.” Avery looked at her. “I will always place my children and me first. A selfish person like me has no right to say anything about you.”

Tammy said, “Avery, don’t feel aggrieved. You have nothing to feel aggrieved about. You have never been through hardship.”

Avery said, “Yes, what I have been through is nothing compared to you all.”

Tammy did not want to hear Avery talk about this. Even hearing her voice annoyed her. They were not like that before.

To put it bluntly, Tammy could not get past that incident. Although she said that the humiliation that she went through had nothing to do with Avery, her heart could not let it go.

If she did not know Avery, she would not have been kidnapped. She could have grown old with Jun, instead of hurting each other.

Tammy stormed off. She got in the car and quickly drove off.

She was in too much pain! She has already decided to turn over a new leave. Why did Avery have to

choose that moment to tell her about Jun?

Tammy cried all the way home. Mary saw Tammy almost crashing into a tree. She quickly ran out. ” Tammy, what happened?”

“Mom!” Tammy took off her pretense and ran into Mary’s arms. “Jun fought with his parents because of me! He even blocked them! He said that he was never going to rely on his parents anymore! How comical! He will die of hunger without his parents! He said that he wants to start up his own company! The last time he tried his hands in a startup, he was so stressed he couldn’t eat or sleep. I don’ t know where he gets the courage to do it!”

“Are you worried for him?” Mary sighed.

“He is almost thirty, yet he is still so naive and arrogant! I scolded him. He must have loathed me to death,” Tammy said and cried louder, “Mom, I scolded him terribly! I didn’t want him to cut ties with his family! He can’t even take care of himself! He is impractical. Without his parents, he would be bullied by society!”

“Tammy, he is the only child. His parents will surely care for him. Just like how you’ re our only child. No matter what happens to you, whether you upset us or not, we will never give you up, ” Mary comforted Tammy.

“Mom! Not only did I make Jun hate me forever, but I also fought with Avery. I have no one anymore. I only have you >g-,    ;” =x Dad.”

“Stop crying.” Mary gently patted Tammy’s back. “It will pass.”

At the Starry River Villa, Layla woke up and found a few pretty boxes next to her bed. She opened them all. It was an array of hair clips.

She took all of the hair clips and ran to Mike. “Uncle Mike! Did Daddy give me these beautiful hair clips?”

Mike had to attend the company’s year-end gala that day, so he got up earlier.

“Hmm, he brought them over last night. Do you like it?”

“I like them all! He knows how to pick! All the clips have pretty gemstones on them!” Layla praised Elliot.

Mile thought about the gold bar he bought for Hayden, he could only smile. “Are you going to stay at home and wait for me together with Hayden or come with me to attend the company’s gala?”

” I want to wear the hair clip Daddy bought for me and attend the gala with you!”

“Then, go get your brother. Ask him to join us,” Mike said, “After the gala, we’ll head straight to the airport!”

Layla obediently nodded and went to look for Hayden.

At the Sterling Group, Elliot was busy dealing with work.

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