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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 797 by Desirenovel

Chapter 797

“Layla, did the reporters give you an interview just now?” Eric asked.

“Hmm, they just asked some questions,” Layla said with a yawn, “Uncle Eric! I’m sleepy! I want to sleep.”

Eric lifted her. “Go sleep! Once you’re up, you can be with your Mommy in Bridgedale.”

Layla initially had a tired expression, but after hearing what he said, she smiled sweetly. “I miss Mommy. I have so many things I want to tell her…” Layla said softly and closed her eyes.

In Bridgedale, Avery had been busy preparing for the surgery the past few days. Mrs. Cooper and another nanny had been taking good care of Robert.

Avery occasionally came to see Robert, because they had agreed to spend New Year’s Eve together, Tammy was in charge of curating the menu for dinner. She passed it to Avery to have a look.

Avery looked at the menu and said respectfully, ” You’re much more knowledgeable when it comes to food. I trust you.”

“Avery, you won’t mind if I bring another person along, right?” Tammy took the menu back. Her facial expressions were rather unnatural.

“Of course, I won’t mind, but who are you bringing? ” Avery sized her face up. She felt as if Tammy had something to announce.

“Uh…I have a new boyfriend. A Bridgedalean. He is good to me, so I agreed to be his girlfriend. I’m only doing this for myself. If not, all I think of is Jun whenever I close my eyes. I’m going crazy, ” Tammy sighed and continued, “Didn’t they say the best way to forget a person is to start a new relationship?”

“Tammy, are you serious?” Avery said heartbreakingly, “Jun sent me a message yesterday. He said he can’t forget you. He fought with his parents because he did not want to be only a tool to bear children. I tried to talk him out of it,  but I don’t think he took my advice.”

Avery did not want to upset Tammy, so she did not tell her about this. After all, to completely cut ties with Jun, Tammy has blocked all of his contacts.

The expression on Tammy’s face froze. Her eyes instantly reddened.

“Let’s call him and ask,” Avery picked up her phone. She found Jun’s contact ;c)(>+?j dialed him.

The call soon connected.

“Jun, you said that you fought with your parents. Are you all fine?” Avery put it on the loudspeaker.

Jun chuckled lightly. “I’m fine! But I’m not sure about my parents. I’ve blocked them. Just as cruel a s how Tammy blocked me. I’m staying with a friend right now. After the New Year, I will start a business again. I won’t rely on them anymore. “

Jun’s words made Tammy cry suddenly.

“Jun! Are you nuts! What business do you want to do? Hasn’t your previous business made you suffer enough? Would it be hard for you to admit that you’re a useless rich brat? If you don’t rely on your parents, who are you going to rely on?” Tammy snatched over Avery’s phone.

She mocked, “Let me tell you, I already have a new boyfriend! I will never get back together with you! My new boyfriend is not only handsome, but he also treats me much better than you! You can’t even compare to him!”

Avery saw how Tammy has lost it. She immediately snatched her phone back.

On the other end of the line, Jun lost it too!

He said with a thick nasal, croaky voice, “Tammy!

Are you not going to get back together with me? Have you really found a new boyfriend?”

“Yes!” Tammy roared into the phone. Her words were getting meaner. “Unless you’re willing to marry into my family and take my last name! You’ll be the b*tch of the Lynchs! Then maybe I’ll consider taking you back!”

“F*ck off!” Jun was so angry he was trembling. He threw his phone out!

A loud sound came through the call. Avery took a deep breath and hung up.

“Tammy, why did you humiliate Jun that way?” Avery choked up. “He was once the man that you love the most! How could you do that to him?”

“Elliot was also once the man you loved the most! Didn’t you also not give him custody of the children? His sister has died. He is grieving, yet you’re not in Aryadelle to be with him, you ran all the way here with your child.”

Tammy looked at Avery coldly. Her tone was even colder. “People are all selfish. You’re selfish too!”

Avery was stunned. Tears immediately fell!

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