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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 796 by Desirenovel

Chapter 796

The laptop was playing a video of the funeral of Elliot’s father.

At the same time, Elliot’s psychiatric diagnosis was also with Charlie.

The day that Wanda came to visit, she deeply agitated him. That was because Wanda said that she was about to succeed, so Charlie sent men to keep watch around Starry River Villa.

He never thought that his men soon got it! This was Wanda’s consequence for disrespecting him!

Once he has discharged from the hospital, he would properly plan.

This time, he would surely make Elliot pay a painful price!

The backstage of the gala.

After Layla’s performance, she was interviewed by the media. Since her debut was with the help of Eric, her starting point was much further than any child celebrity.

Other than that, she was pretty and tall. She was also rather talented, whether it was singing or dancing. If she  underwent professional training in the future, she would surely be famous!

“Layla, what do you think of your performance tonight? Rate yourself from one to one hundred, ” The reporter said.

Layla smiled. “One hundred.”

“Then, how much would you rate Eric?”

“Does he need any rating at all? The screams and cheering from the audience is enough.” Layla’s animated face made the reporters laugh.

“Layla, do you have any New Years’ wishes?”

“I wish to receive a lot of beautiful gifts. Of course, family health is important. No one should get sick,” Layla added after thinking for a while.

“Layla, you’re so mature. I see that you’re always so happy. Don’t you have any troubles?” The reporter looked at her as if she was a future celebrity.

If she got even more famous in the future, this video would surely be famous too.

“Of course, I have troubles, but I can’ t tell any of you,” Layla puffed her cheeks and sighed.

“Then, do you have any happy things that  happened to you recently? I’m sure you could share

happy events, right?” The reporter continued to pry.

“I never had a good relationship with my father previously, but it’s getting better with him,” Layla could not help but talk about this, “It’s great to have a father.”

“Is your father in the industry too? Is he here tonight?”

Layla shook her head. “He isn’t in the industry. He doesn’t know that I’m here on a shoot tonight. Our relationship only got better a little, we’re not there yet! I still have to evaluate his performance in the future!”

“Then, what do you hope he does in the future? ” The reporter did not ask who her father was, because it has long spread among the reporters that all of Avery’s children were Elliot’s.

Since Elliot was at the very top of the social pyramid in Aryadelle, no one dared to write any gossip about him without any concrete facts.

“I have never thought about it, but he has to at least not do things that would make me sad.”

Layla’s face suddenly turned serious. “Also, he can’t do bad things. If not, it would embarrass me.”

The interview ended quickly because Eric came over ;g(,:d: q pulled Layla away.

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