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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 795 by Desirenovel

Chapter 795

That way, Elliot could pass on what he wanted to say to Hayden.

Hayden accepted the gold bar to see what was engraved on it.

‘Happy New Year.’

Hayden harrumphed and put the gold bar back into the box.

“There’s still engraving on the back!” Mike placed the gold bar in Hayden ‘s hands once more. Hayden was spirited. He looked at the gold bar closely once more.

‘I’m sorry.’

Hayden was speechless. Was Elliot apologizing to him through the gold bar? How comical! Does Elliot not have a mouth? Why did he not apologize in person instead?

“Big H, the gold bar it’s quite heavy. It should be worth quite a lot! Why don’t you keep it!” Mike placed the gold bar and the box in Hayden’s hand. ” Elliot gave you a gold bar because he thinks you’re golden. You’re shiny and glittery. You burn bright.”

“You’re describing a star.”

“Oh, what he means is that you have a bright future. You’ll do great things.”

“I will surpass him in the future!” Hayden threw the gold bar aside. “I don’t need his apology! “

A moment later, Mike came out with the box. Hayden refused to accept Elliot’ s gift. Mike did not want Elliot to be upset, so he decided that he would keep it on Hayden’s behalf.

At Elliot’ s mansion. After a shower, Elliot came out wearing a robe to his nightstand. He pulled the drawers open and took medicine out from them.

After Shea passed away, he had been regularly on medicine. If he did not take them, he would not be able to control his negative emotions.

After the medicine, he picked his phone up to see if there were any messages. From what he knew of Hayden, Hayden would never accept his gift, yet the message from Mike wrote, [Hayden doesn’t like your gift, but he kept it. Next time when you pick a gift for him, can you consult me first, please?]

Elliot saw the message and smiled. Hayden accepted his gift! He was not a good father, yet Hayden was willing to give him a chance to make amendments.

His eyes were teary. Just like the night before, because Layla called him Daddy when he went home, tears could not help but fall.

After Shea left, at one point he felt as if he had lost  his meaning in life. At that moment, Layla :f” – >” >x Hayden made him feel as if he was useful.

At that very moment, in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Charlie was lying in bed with a laptop in front of him. Something was playing on his laptop because he was engrossed in it.

He was not that sad anymore. God did not take his life away not because He wanted him to suffer, but to let him rise once again!

He has gotten the things in Elliot’s box!

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