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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 794 by Desirenovel

Chapter 794

After Elliot explained his reason, Mike bawled in a fit of laughter.

“From your gift-picking skills, I have reasons to believe that you only attracted Avery because of your face and your money, ” Mike teased him mercilessly.

” She doesn’t like my money, ” Elliot corrected him.

“You can earn money, that means you have capabilities. You’re not all useless.” Mike roared in laughter, “By the way, I heard that Layla has called you Daddy last night. You got a daughter for free. I’m sure you’re delighted?”

“You sure don’t mince your words. ” Elliot furrowed his brows.

What did he mean by free? Layla was his daughter. This was a fact. If Layla was willing to let him raise her, he would take the time out to do so too.

“The truth is always harsher. How are you and Avery doing? Are you still at a standoff?” Mike changed into a subject that made Elliot feel worse. ” Shea’s funeral has been done. Let her rest in peace! You still have to live your life.”

“Are you asking me to go to Bridgedale and take her home?” There were hints of mockery in Elliot’s tone, “She treated Shea, yet she didn’t tell me. No matter what she does, she always places herself first and I’m at the last.”

“Don’t you think you’re thinking too much into this?” Mike crossed his hands on his waist, trying to talk sense into Elliot. “Why does she not spend her life with you? Why did she secretly give birth to the children? It’s because you said you didn’t want children! You didn’t want children, but she chose to have kids, so she gave you up! Until now, I still don’t understand why you insist on not having children!”

“I’ll tell you the reason!” Elliot’ s gaze darkened. He enunciated,  “Shea and I are twins. When I was young, I also had Shea’s condition. Shea is retarded, and so was I! Do you know Shea’s condition is much more serious than mine? All because she is a girl! My father not only hates retards, but he is also a misogynist ! I received the best treatment when  I was young, yet Shea got worse after being beaten  up by my father over ?c-.> ” ;m over again! I don’t want children because I don’t want to pass on my terrible genes to the next generation!”

Mike never thought that Elliot would spill out all of theĀ  things that have to do with his reputation. He blushed and awkwardly turned around, pouring Elliot a cup of water.

” Is it because Shea is dead, so you have no regard for this anymore?” Mike touched his nose. “Don’t worry, I won’t say a word of this. Chad too.”

“You also think this is a shameful matter, huh?” Elliot accepted the cup of water, but he did not drink it. He looked at Mike calmly with a glum expression.

“It’s not that shameful. It’s just  that your identity is rather special. If this were to spread, others would surely talk.” Mike analyzed, putting himself in Elliot’s shoes. “No wonder you insisted on not saying this. Are you afraid that Avery would look down on you? She is not this type of person.”

” I know that she is not this type of person, I just don’t want to have any offspring.”

“But you two now have three healthy children, ” Mike comforted him, “Since the three children are healthy, you don’t have to think that your genes are inferior anymore. Also, your condition was healed when you were young, which meant that your condition wasn’t that serious.”

Elliot did not want to discuss his condition. It was an ugly scar. At that moment, he had the power and wealth to cover up that ugly scar. He did not want others to know about this terrible past.

Mike looked at Elliot in pain. He suddenly had compassion for Elliot. “I won’t give you a hard time anymore.”

” I don’t need your pity.” Elliot put down the cup without drinking a single drop. “I also don’t need Avery to take pity on me.”

He turned around and walked into the cold night.

Mike saw him leaving. He took a deep breath and collected his thoughts.

Hayden was standing in his room. He heard the sound of a car engine roaring and immediately ran to the balcony, watching the black Rolls-Royce leaving.

He had mixed feelings toward Elliot. What he was sure of, was that he hated Elliot, yet sometimes he also longed for Elliot’s attention.

A moment later, Mike knocked on the door and entered.

“Big H, Elliot bought you a gift.” Mike walked over with a small box. He showed the gold bar to him. ” This gold bar is amazing! “

Mike looked at the gold bar. His gaze instantly lost his previous sharpness. He was lost and confused.

Why did Elliot give him a gold bar? Did he look like the person that likes gold?

“Look! There’s an engraving on it!” Mike said excitedly! “The words were engraved by Elliot himself!” What Elliot said as he picked a gold bar because it was huge enough, he could engrave words on it.

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