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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 793 by Desirenovel

Chapter 793

Elliot did not know the owner of this cake brand, so he felt that there must be someone else behind this.

“Mr. Foster, this event is indeed done by our marketing and promotion department. As for how they pick the kids to work with, I don’t know. I only see  results, ” The owner of the  cake brand said to Elliot honestly, “I’ll look for the person in charge of this activity, please wait a while.”

When Elliot heard the explanation, he took up his cup and took a sip.

A moment later, the owner of the cake brand finished the call and looked at Elliot strangely in surprise.

“Mr. Foster, my manager said that people from your company contacted us and requested that we add that kid to the list of our promotional activities.

My manager did it because of you, which was why he contacted that kid…”

Elliot’ s gaze instantly darkened. The person behind this was extremely bold! How dare they use his name throughout the entire process. What was unbelievable was how they could trick everyone there.

If he did not find Layla to clear things up, he might have been still in the dark.

In the evening, Elliot came to Starry River Villa. He promised Layla the night before that he was going to give her gifts to celebrate the New Year.

He went to the mall that afternoon and picked a few hair clips. He did not know whether she would like it or not.

Elliot entered the living area. Mike and Hayden walked out. Layla was attending a shoot that night. She was not home.

“This is the gift I bought for Layla. When she returns, please pass it to her,” Elliot said to Mike.

Mike took over the presents and had a look. Then, he immediately raised his eyebrows. “What else?”

Elliot was a little stunned.

“Don’t tell me that you only bought it for Layla?” Mike exclaimed in disbelief.

Elliot instantly understood what he meant. Hayden too.

“I don’t want his gifts!” Hayden said with a cold expression before storming off to his room upstairs.

Mike looked at Hayden’s defiant figure and took

two steps forward to Elliot. “Did you really not buy him a gift? It’s up to him whether he accepts it or not, but if you didn’t buy anything for him, that’s too much!”

Elliot ‘s face Crushed a little. He took a little box out of his      pocket. ” I don’t know what he likes, so I just simply bought one. Give it to him!”

Mike accepted the box >e” *= + <r opened it. It was a gold bar. The gold almost blinded Mike with its shininess.

Mike looked at Elliot in confusion.

Elliot ‘ s face blushed. “Do you think that it’s a bad gift?”

Mike replied, “This is such a random gift!”

” I have my reasons for giving this to him,” Elliot swallowed his saliva and explained.

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