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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 792 by Desirenovel

Chapter 792

Layla said confusedly, “Hayden, what do you mean by the new son? Are you talking about Robert? Is there a difference between new and old? You and Robert are all his sons, right?”

Hayden was speechless.

“If he were to have another daughter with Mommy in the future, will I be the old daughter then?” Layla said, “Hayden, I don’ t think Daddy is the type of person that only likes new things.”

“He treats you well so you think he is a good person, but he does not treat me that way!” Hayden did not want to think about anything that has to do with Elliot. ” Don’t mention him in front of me, I don’t want to hear about him.”

“Hayden, when he was bad to you back then, that’s because he didn’t know that you’re his son. It has to be that way.” Although Layla was a little afraid of Hayden getting angry, she did not want to see Hayden and Elliot in such a bad relationship.

“Even if he didn’t know I was his son, he knows that I am Mommy’s son,” Hayden retorted, “When he goes mad, he wouldn’t think about all these.”

“Okay, then. Hayden, I won’t acknowledge him anymore, but I called him Daddy twice today, ” Layla said conflictedly.

“Since you have already called him Daddy, that means you have already acknowledged him.” Hayden looked at Layla with a betrayed expression. “You’ve grown up. Let’s not sleep together in the future.”

Layla started crying. “Hayden, I’m scared to sleep alone.”

Hayden looked at her reddened eyes. He turned softhearted. “What did Elliot give you? Why did you call him Daddy?”

Layla shrugged and scratched her head. ” I didn’t want him to blame Robert for Shea’s incident. He said that he doesn’t blame Robert. He said that he was going to spend New Year alone at home. I thought about how lonely he would be, so I took pity on him. He said for a New Years’ gift, he would like me to call him Daddy…”

“This is just a tactic that dirtbag uses! He often does this in front of Mommy! Which is why Mommy is bewitched by him.”

When Layla heard what Hayden said, she could no longer lie.

“He knows I stole his box.” Layla pouted <b+ S‹ 4 ;r came clean. “Today, a bad lady came and take the box away, but not only did Daddy not blame me, but he also comforted me.”

Hayden’s face instantly turned serious and cold.

“Daddy said that the bad lady died in a car crash.” At that, Layla’s eyes turned wet. “I’m afraid. I don’t dare to tell Mommy or Uncle Mike. It was Daddy who came to comfort me. Hayden, if you were to come back earlier, I wouldn’t be that scared.”

Hayden retracted his defensiveness a little.

“Layla, don’t be afraid. Since he doesn’t blame you, then just treat it like this never happened.” Hayden hugged Layla and patiently comforted her, “Since you acknowledged him already, don’t regret it. I’m not angry. I won’t blame you either.”

“Hayden, he said the things in the box are gone,” Layla sniffled, “He said that the things are not important, but if they are not important, why would the bad person come to look for me because of the box? I won’t dare to take his things anymore in the future.”

“Don’t believe what strangers tell you in the future, ” Hayden warned, “If Uncle Mike and I are not there, you can tell the bodyguard.”

Layla nodded furiously, “Daddy asks me not to tell Mommy about this.”

“Hmm, Mommy needs to take care of Robert. It’s tiring.”

The next day, Elliot took the photo of the woman who died in the car crash to Layla’s classmate’s house, the one who invited Layla over the day before.

“At my daughter’s birthday yesterday, we invited a group of classmates over to have fun. I do not know the woman in the photo. She said that you sent her to care for Layla, which was why I let her in.” Layla’s classmate’s mother looked  at  the  photo  Elliot passed to her and explained, “I only believe her because she said that Layla is your daughter. I thought that not  everybody  knows  about  this private fact.”

“Your daughter’s birthday is not yesterday, ” Elliot said coldly, “If you’re going to continue to lie to me, we don’t have to continue this discussion!”

“Mr. Foster, my daughter’s birthday is indeed not yesterday, but I decided to hold a party for her at the very last minute because a cake brand contacted me saying that they would sponsor my daughter’s birthday cake and some limited-edition gifts, as

long as I invite a few kids over, take some photos, and upload them online.”

“Which cake brand is this?” Elliot suddenly furrowed his brows and questioned sternly.

After knowing which cake brand, Elliot stormed off.

An hour later, Elliot arrived in the main headquarters building of said cake brand. The cake brand, Tarragon Industries, is the leading company in the cake industry.

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