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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 791 by Desirenovel

Chapter 791

The only reason Layla would so obediently call him Daddy was because they were the only ones in the room.

If Hayden was there, Layla would never dare to do so.

Hayden hated Elliot so much. Between Hayden and Elliot, she would surely stand with Hayden.

Elliot’s dark eyes instantly turned into a gentle delight.

“If you don’t get angry with Robert, I’ll call you Daddy once more.” Layla saw the smiles on Elliot’s face, so she started bargaining with him, “Robert is still young. I have to protect him.”

Elliot’ s eyes reddened a little. He said hoarsely, ” Layla, I’m not angry at Robert. I’m angry at myself. I wasn’t thoughtful enough. I did not care enough for Shea.”

“Daddy, this has nothing to do with you,” Layla corrected him sternly. “Shea wanted to save Robert. Even if you didn’t let her do it, she would still secretly do it. Just like how I wanted to steal your things. I knew it was wrong, but I still wanted to do it.”

Layla’s analogy was somewhat inappropriate, but she called him Daddy, which suddenly made him find a whole new meaning in life.

Mike had been standing outside the door, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Unfortunately, he heard nothing because they were talking softly. Furthermore, Mike was sure that Elliot would not dare to do anything to Layla, so he was chatting on the phone with Chad.

Suddenly, the door opened. Elliot and Layla came out of the room.

“Are you done talking? What did you talk about? Why is Layla crying? ” Mike saw Layla ‘ s reddened eyes. He said nervously, “Layla, did Elliot bully you?

Layla shook her head. “He said that he wants to give me a gift. I’m so touched I cried.”

Mike was baffled.

Elliot changed the subject. “It’s late. Is Hayden still not back? Are his classes that heavy right now?”

Mike said, “Since you care for him so much, why don’t you go and pick him up?”

Elliot knew that Mike was taking a jab at him, so he said in restrained, “I’ll make a move.”

After Elliot left, Layla tugged on Mike’s arm and huffed, “Why are you so fierce to my Daddy!”

“Babe, you’re actually st=e*”;,:ming up for him! My God! What did he give you? How could you be bought so easily!” Mike exclaimed.

“Uncle Mike, I don’t think he’s that bad. Previously, when Robert was sick, he cared for him a lot.” Layla blushed. She has already accepted Elliot,  so  when she thought about Elliot she would  naturally think of his good side.

“He is indeed not that bad, but Hayden would never acknowledge him. Aren’t you Hayden ‘s copycat?”

“The copycat will grow up too!” Layla said with puffed cheeks. “Anyway, I have already accepted his gift.”

“Layla, if you really want to reconcile with Elliot, your Mommy won’t stop you. I won’t stop you either,” Mike said peacefully, “But when Hayden is back, you have to tell him about this yourself. I won’t dare to interfere in between you siblings.”

Soon after, Hayden was sent home by the bodyguard. Hayden already had dinner, so once he returned home, he went straight to his room.

Layla followed behind him. She tugged on the corner of his shirt. “Hayden, if I were to acknowledge Elliot as our Daddy, will you not play with me ever again?”

Hayden stopped in his tracks. He looked at Layla in surprise. “Have you reconciled with him?”

“I…” Layla stuttered. She did not know where to begin.

Hayden measured Layla’s face and realized that she was no longer the silly little girl in his memories. “I won’t stop you from acknowledging him, but I won’t do it, ” Hayden said coldly, “Of course, now that he has a new son, he won’t care about me.”

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