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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 749 by Desirenovel

Chapter 749

Wesley’s actions this time were in complete contrast with his usual conduct!

The snow was falling harder when Avery emerged from Wesley’s house.

Her car was covered in a thick layer of white snow.

She loved the snow. If her head was not filled with worry, she would probably take a leisurely stroll in the snow or build a snowman like a happy child.

However, when the snow fell upon her face now, all she could feel was a chill to the bone.

Avery got into her car and drove to the hospital. At the neonatal unit, there was no sign of Elliot.

She had no idea where he was, but she knew that he was in indescribable pain.

He must be suffering even more than the night before!

It was easier to get over a pain that one could release. It was the pain that one could not talk about that hurt to the depths of your soul.

Outside the gates of Angela Academy was a black Rolls—Royce.

The car was parked quietly as the wipers rhythmically swept off the snow on the windshield.

Elliot was sitting in the car with his deep -set eyes staring blankly ahead.

Shea had spent over a decade here.

The entire time she was here, her IQ was stuck at the stage of a child.

She was afraid of strangers and did not like to talk, but every time she saw him, she would happily call him “Big Brother”.

Avery called this place a beautiful prison that limited Shea’s freedom, but that was not the case.

It was an environment that Shea was used to and could not leave behind.

Before her surgery, she was even more difficult to take care of compared to a typical child with mental disabilities.

Their father’s abuse broke her  apart, and she  had no sense of security. If they changed the type of

towel she used, she would scream and cry. If they changed her hairstyle, she would also scream and cry…

Elliot’s mind was filled with the sounds of her screams from various periods of time.

It was because she had suffered a bitter life that he always went with whatever she wanted.

He thought  he could  take care of her   forever, but something like this happened because of his carelessness!

It suddenly turned dark outside.

The snow had stopped falling, but the wipers were still continuing to work away. Countless illusions began to appear in front of Elliot’s eyes.

It was as if he could see Shea running toward him in the dark <a- ‘ >&=p calling out for him to get out of the car with a smile.

He grabbed the door handle and was about to open the door when he received a text. The text message notification pulled him out of his imagination and back to reality.

He was devastated! His heart throbbed in pain! Elliot picked up his phone and saw a text from Shea! She had sent him a video.

The video was recorded while Shea was in bed.

” I might die soon, Big Brother… I’m so scared… I wish you could hug me, but I’m too scared to ask Wesley to take me to you. I’m worried you’d blame me, but I’m even more worried that you’d be sad… That’s why I asked Wesley to hide me… If I die, please don’t cry, okay?”

“Don’t blame Wesley, Big Brother… I was the one who begged for hid help… Apart from you, he’s the world’s best man… Don’t blame him, Big Brother… I’m begging you…”

“There’s one more secret I need to tell you… Mother… Our mother was… Cough cough… She was killed by someone…”

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