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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 748 by Desirenovel

Chapter 748

When Elliot saw Avery and Sandra arrive, the cold expression on his face did not change.

There was nobody in Wesley’s apartment.

He had taken Shea away and nobody knew where they were!

“What are you doing here, Mr. Foster?” asked Sandra. “Are you also here to ask Wesley about that half-pint of blood?”

Avery saw Elliot almost lose control of his emotions, and quickly walked over to him.

“Calm down, Elliot!” she hissed under her breath. ” Uncle William and Aunt Sandra don’t know where Wesley went. I’ll think of a way to get in touch with him. Give me some time!”

Elliot’s eyes were bloodshot and the coldness on his face was indifferent to the world.

It was his meticulous and constant care that  allowed Shea to live a peaceful and healthy life until now.

Her condition finally took a turn for the better and she was beginning to live a life that was closer to

that of a regular person, but Wesley ruined it all!

How dare he draw Shea’s blood?! Where did he find the guts to do that?!

Would he have acted this heartlessly if Robert was not Avery’s son?

“If Shea’s dead, I’ll make him pay for it with his life, ” Elliot said clearly, then shoved Avery aside.

Once he left, Sandra grabbed Avery and said frantically, “What is he talking about? Why would my son have to pay if Shea died?! Wesley didn’t take a dime from him and took care of Shea for him. How dare he make my son pay with his life?!”

Avery held Sandra up and said absentmindedly, “We suspect that the half-pint of blood was from Shea, Aunt Sandra.”

“Oh… Then, that would be Shea’s own will! My son would never force anyone! You know he likes you, but he’s never forced you into anything! He’s never made trouble for you! You know Wesley. He’s the world’s most gentle and accomplished man…”

“I know that, Aunt Sandra. I know the kind of person Wesley is, but if the  blood really was Shea’ s, then her body wouldn’t be able to handle it. As a doctor, Wesley should’ve been able to guess that. He shouldn’t have listened to Shea even if this was

her wish.” Avery’s eyes filled with tears as she spoke. “Can you please help us get in touch with Wesley? It’s immature for both him ?a&*?”?s Shea to go off-the -grid like this! If anything happens to Shea, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold Elliot back!”

Back in the day, he had rather broken up with her than reveal the secret between Shea and himself.

Shea was a special existence in his life.

The way Elliot had shoved Avery aside earlier was a reminder that she could never take Shea’s place in his heart.

However, she would not get jealous the way she used to.

It was not because she no longer cared about him, but because just like him, she also liked Shea very much.

Avery already gave Elliot her answer at the hospital yesterday. If she had a choice, she would never sacrifice Shea’s health in order to save Robert’s life.

Robert was her baby, but Shea was like a baby to Elliot, too.

” I’ll go look for Wesley… I’ll find him right away! You have to help him, Avery! If anything happens to Shea, you have to help Wesley! Even if he really

did something that rash, it would only be to help your son!” Sandra’s eyes were red with tears.

“Let’s find Wesley as soon as possible first, Aunt Sandra. As long as Shea’s still alive, I can guarantee his safety.”

That morning felt as long as an entire century.

Avery contacted all of her and Wesley’s mutual friends, but none of them knew where he was.

The longer she could not contact him, the stronger the ominous premonition she had inside her became.

Why did Wesley need to disappear with Shea if she was fine?

Avery took a deep breath as she felt a chill to the bone. Her fingers trembled as she opened up the messages on her phone and sent Wesley a text.

[Wesley. Did you ever think about how Elliot might be the one Shea would want to see the most if anything happened to her?]

She was afraid to say that Elliot was about to lose his mind!

She was worried that would scare Wesley.

Avery received no reply to her text.

A terrifying thought began to surface in her mind.

Perhaps Elliot was not the only one who had lost his mind, but Wesley, too!

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