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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 747 by Desirenovel

Chapter 747

Both Wesley’ s and Shea’ s phones were turned off.

It was clear that the good samaritan who donated their blood was Shea.

Shea had given Robert close to an entire pint of blood.

An adult could donate at most half a pint at a time. Shea should not be donating blood, to begin with, but ended up donating more than the usual amount expected from a regular person!

How could her body possibly handle that?

There was only one possible reason why both their phones were off, and it was that something happened to Shea. Wesley must not have been able to handle the consequences of his actions and decided to flee.

“I’ll call Shea’s bodyguard!” Mrs. Scarlet’s eyes reddened as she fumbled with her phone with trembling hands.

If Elliot were not exhausted from this entire ordeal with Robert, she would have called him last night to confirm.

He had never allowed Shea to go somewhere far away with someone else.

She should have  been  alert. However, Shea had never lied to her!

Mrs. Scarlet was anxious and blaming herself. What would she do if anything happened to Shea?!

After she dialed the bodyguard’ s number, her call was answered moments later.

“Bring Shea home right away!” Mrs. Scarlet ordered. ” If anything happens to her, neither of us would be able to handle that responsibility!”

The bodyguard immediately got out of bed, then looked around him and said, ” I… I think I was set u

“What did you say?!” Mrs. Scarlet was dumbfounded. When she saw Elliot from the corner of her eye, she immediately composed herself and said, “Calm down. Tell me what happened.”

“My mind’s completely blank! I’m in a completely unfamiliar room and I don’t need Miss Shea… I’m afraid someone knocked me out…” The bodyguard quickly left the room. “It must’ve been Wesley Brook. I remember he gave me a glass of water before I blacked out…”

Mrs. Scarlet hung up the phone,  then turned  to Elliot and sobbed, “The bodyguard said that Wesley knocked him out! Wesley must have taken Shea away!”

A chill washed over Elliot’s face. He stormed off to look for Wesley.

At that moment, Wesley’s parents were entertaining Avery, who had come to visit them.

“Has Robert gotten any better, Avery?” asked Wesley’s mother, S>c% – < !?vra. ” I heard that he’s got a rare blood disorder. Wesley and William have been asking around this entire time to see if they could find a suitable source of blood for Robert… “

“Wesley’ s phone is off, Aunt Sandra. Do you know where he is?” Avery wanted to find Wesley and ask him face to face.

“His phone’s off?” Sandra was a little shocked. “He doesn’t usually turn his phone off! Let me try.”

Sandra found her phone and dialed Wesley’s number. Sure enough, she could not get through.

“Is there something urgent you need to talk to him about? How about I take you to his place right now? He moved out after what happened in Bridgedale before.”

Avery was stunned.

She had no idea that Wesley had moved out of the house.

She constantly troubled him, but she never truly bothered to care about him.

She was filled with guilt and self-blame.

Wesley had been working tirelessly since Robert got sick. If the blood he brought really was from Shea… Then, she might not be able to reprimand him  about it!

“Please take me to his place, Aunty Sandra, ” Avery croaked lightly.

Sandra did not know what was going on.

“What happened? What’s going on with Wesley? Did… Did he get abducted again?!”

“That’s not it,” Avery explained. ” I don’t think he was abducted. I need to talk to him about something else.”

“What is it?” Sandra held Avery’s hand, then gazed at her with widened eyes and said, “I only have one son, Avery. I won’t be able to handle it if anything happened to him!”

“The hospital received half a pint of blood last

night, but the donor did not leave any contact information. I wanted to ask Wesley if he knew anything about it.”

After Avery’s explanation, Sandra immediately felt relieved.

“You scared me! I thought he was in trouble!” Then, Sandra took Avery to Wesley’s place.

When the two arrived at Wesley’s apartment, a man was standing at his front door!

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