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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 746 by Desirenovel

Chapter 746

When the call went through, the blood bank’s manager said, “The staff on duty were the ones who received it. I asked them about it and they said that the person who sent the blood didn’t leave their contact information. I’m guessing it was a good samaritan that wanted to stay anonymous!”

Where in the world were all of these anonymous good samaritans coming from?

Once Elliot was done with the call, Avery said, ” Let’s go find that good samaritan!”

Now that Robert’ s condition was stable, there was nothing they could do at the hospital.

“The donor didn’t leave a name.” Elliot’s hawk-like eyes rested on Avery as he asked, “Don’t you think it’s strange?”

Avery seemed to have something on her mind.

“When Wesley brought that bag of blood, he said that a good samaritan donated it anonymously. “

“Do you think that this half a pint of blood was also from Wesley?”

Avery’s lashes fluttered lightly. She shook her head

and said, “I don’t know. If it really was from Wesley, then why didn’t he just bring it to us? Why did he have to do it through the blood bank?”

Elliot’s expression suddenly turned grave. Avery guessed what he was thinking.

“I’ll call him!”

She pulled out her phone and was about to call Wesley when Elliot stood up.

His expression was cold as he said, ” I’ll stop by the house.”

Avery knew that he was going to see Shea. He suspected that she was the blood donor.

She could not help but follow him out of the hospital.

As they walked out of the building, snow fell from the sky and blurred their line of vision.

As Avery watched Elliot walk away by himself, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

She suddenly began to feel afraid.

If the half-pint of blood last night really was Shea’s, then how could her body possibly handle the stress?

Her hands and feet turned ice-cold at the thought. She watched as Elliot walked further and further away until he completely disappeared from her sight.

If the  blood last night was Shea’ s, then could the quarter-pint of blood that Wesley sent before also be from her?

Her fear intensified the more she thought about it.

She pulled out her phone, found Wesley’s number,  >  a’ +?- =w dialed it.

She had to find out the truth, or she would not be able to rest easy.

Once the call was made, what came through the phone was not Wesley’s voice, but the monotonous tone of the system notification.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed has been switched off. Please try again later.”

Avery thought that she had heard wrongly.

Wesley did not usually have his phone off. She could get through practically every time she called, but why was his phone turned off now?

Could it be that Elliot had guessed right?

Wesley was a medical practitioner. He understood Shea’s condition. As long as he had his reason, he would not draw Shea’s blood.

Over at the Foster mansion, Mrs. Scarlet was surprised to see Elliot return.

“How’s Robert, Master Elliot?” she asked.

Elliot did not change his shoes. He strode into the living room and said, “Where’s Shea?”

“Shea’s not home,” answered Mrs. Scarlet. “She called me last night and said that Wesley was taking her to Sacred Hill to pray for Robert’s recovery. She said she told you about it!”

Elliot’s eyes instantly darkened as his teeth clenched. “She didn’t tell me anything! She lied!”

Mrs. Scarlet was shocked by his furious roar and quickly found her phone.

“I’ll call her… I’ll tell her to come home right away!”

Elliot clenched his fists tightly, then said, “I already called her. Her phone’s turned off!” He did not only call Shea, but he also called Wesley.

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