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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 745 by Desirenovel

Chapter 745

Elliot could not accept his son leaving this world, because he was the one who forced Avery to have this child.

From the moment of conception, to the countless check-ups and his eventual birth, Elliot had poured in all his affection to this child.

” If anything happens to Robert, even if you don’t blame me, I still wouldn’t bother you ever again.”

“Nor would I bother the kids,” he thought to himself, but did not say these words.

Hayden and Layla did not acknowledge him as their father.

Even if there was nothing left but a piece of glass between them, Elliot had a feeling that the two children might never acknowledge him.

His words made Avery feel peculiarly upset.

Robert was still alive! They were talking as if he was already dead.

Avery did not speak, so Elliot turned to glance at her.

When he saw her haggard complexion and lack of

energy, he quickly pulled her into his arms and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Get some sleep. Robert will be fine. There’s no use i n worrying now, ” he whispered hoarsely into her ear.

There was something magical about his voice. The moment she heard his words, her heart finally stopped dangling in midair.

As Avery smelled Elliot’s familiar scent, she unconsciously nuzzled against the warmth of his neck, then found a comfortable position and fell asleep in his embrace.

Elliot wished that time could stop at this moment.

It was as if they were a married couple who had loved each other for many years.

If he had not broken down earlier, then Avery would definitely have asked him about Wanda Tate.

She would be furious if she  found out that he had not dealt with Wanda.

In the quiet hallway, he heard himself sigh from the depths of his heart.

A nurse walked past them and Elliot’s eyes followed her as she headed toward the intensive care unit.

He wondered how Robert was doing. He was willing to endure any torment as long as his son would be alright.

The sun came up about four hours later.

When the attending doctor approached Elliot, he first glanced at Avery, who was still asleep in his arms.

She was fast asleep. If nobody woke her up, she could probably sleep for quite a while.

“Would you like to take her to the on-call room to rest, Mr. Foster?” asked the doctor. “Nobody’ s in there right now.”

Elliot was afraid to wake Avery, so he rejected the doctor’s kind offer. “How’s Robert doing?”

“He’s in stable condition right now. The rash on his face has faded slightly. We’ll have to continue monitoring him = c&);,:q see if his condition would suddenly deteriorate at night like it did the last two times.” The doctor adjusted his glasses, then continued, “If his condition doesn’t deteriorate tonight, then he probably will gradually get better.”

Elliot’s chest rose and fell rapidly as excitement took over.

Avery felt the sudden rise in his body temperature and instantly woke up.

“The doctor said that Robert’s doing really well right now, Avery.” Elliot wrapped her in an emotional embrace. “Robert will definitely get through this!”

He was hugging her so tightly that Avery found it hard to breathe, but the moment she digested what he had just said, her mood was lifted.

“Is that true? I’m not dreaming, am I?” she mumbled.

“It’s not a dream, Miss Tate,” the doctor said with a smile. “Robert’s vitals have improved greatly after this blood transfusion, so we can look forward to him making it through the night in peace.”

Avery was moved to tears.

“I want to properly thank the person who donated the blood. Do you know who the blood donor is, Elliot?”

Her question took Elliot by surprise.

Since last night, he had never once thought about this question.

All he knew was that the blood came from the blood bank.

“I’ll go find out right now.”

He pulled out his phone and called the blood bank’s manager.

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