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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 744 by Desirenovel

Chapter 744

Avery’s heart tightened as she was filled with a sense of loss.

She had just seen the doctor’s text message before Mike called, but did not even have time to be happy before bad news came her way.

“It’s alright, ” she muttered. “I’ll give the hospital a call.”

“Okay. Did I wake you?”

“You didn’t. I was already up. Thanks for working so hard the past few days.” Avery threw back the covers and got out of bed. She planned to go to the hospital right away. “By the way, the blood bank sent over a little over half a pint of blood just now. I think that should be enough.”

“That’s great! If that’s the case, then I’ll get ready to head back,” Mike said.

“Alright. I’m going to the hospital to check things out now.”

“Okay. Please take care of yourself! Don’t pass out before Robert gets better,” Mike instructed. “I shouldn’t call you at this time, but I wouldn’t have been at ease unless I did.”

“I wasn’t sleeping that well anyway.”

Avery said a few more words to him, then hung up the phone.

She checked the weather before she left the house. It was thirty degrees out, and it was going to snow.

Every time she saw snow, or even the word “snow”, she would be reminded of the passionate love that she shared with Elliot.

After all the years that had gone by, the two of them were still closely linked.

It would be perfect if Robert could get better.

Avery took a long jacket from the closet, wrapped herself up in layers, then walked out of the villa’ s doors.

She was met by the winter breeze and wrinkled her nose from the cold.

She opened the door to the car and nestled into her seat. In an instant, the cold air was kept out.

She started the car and stared blankly at the darkness ahead of her as she waited for the car to warm up.

It was not every day that she was having trouble sleeping. Her body was weak after giving birth, so she could easily fall asleep most of the time.

The reason why she could not sleep tonight was because Elliot’s emotional breakdown at the hospital earlier left her unable to calm down.

Every time she closed her eyes, his miserable sobbing face would enter her mind.

No matter how many times she had chastised him > e%)?4=l broken up with him, it  was still difficult for her to ignore her love for him that was buried deep inside her heart.

How could she bring herself to cruelly blame Elliot for Robert’s condition? How could he possibly hope for his own son to die prematurely?

She was half the reason for his breakdown tonight.

At three in the morning, the hustle and bustle had left the city. Avery arrived at the hospital after a smooth journey on the road.

She had just entered the neonatal unit when she saw Elliot’s tall silhouette.

She sent him back to the hotel to rest earlier in the evening. She thought that he could finally get some sleep, but he ended up arriving earlier than she did.

“They’ve started the blood transfusion. ” The exhaustion had not vanished from Elliot ‘s face, but his eyes were sparkling. “Mike said that the blood he found wasn’t clean, so we only have a little over a pint of blood for now. The doctor said we could give it a try. Half a pint of blood isn’t a small amount, after all.”

Avery nodded her head and said, “Did the doctor call you or send you a text?”

“He texted me.”

“Were you still awake?”

“I was asleep, but I set up a notification for text messages. ” Elliot examined her face, then said, ” Didn’t you sleep?”

“I couldn’t sleep.” Avery met his gaze and saw how bloodshot his eyes were, then asked, “Are you feeling better now?”

An unnatural embarrassment flashed across Elliot’s eyes.

“Are you feeling embarrassed now?” Avery could not help but tease him. “There were so many doctors and nurses around at the time. Your subordinates, too…”

“Don’t remind  me.” Elliot’s Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as his handsome face turned pink. “I’m

not usually like that. Besides, they should understand my current situation.”

“Nobody was laughing at you.” Avery held his hand and led him over to a bench to sit down. “You’ve already done your best. Even if the result isn’t what we wanted, I won’t blame you.”

It was as if she was saying that she had already prepared herself for the worst.

He, however, was not ready.

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