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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 741 by Desirenovel

Chapter 74 1

“It would take at least an entire pint of blood.”

One pint… All they needed was two adults to donate blood.

However, it was hard enough for them to find one donor. Where were they going to find two of them?

Elliot could not allow Shea to donate her blood. He could not allow her to take that risk!

Then, what would happen to Robert?

He was the one who let Robert be born into this world. Did he truly have to watch as he died from this illness?

Just as he was standing on the edge of hopelessness, Avery walked over.

“Mike found the blood.” She had just gotten off the phone with Mike and immediately rushed over to tell them the news. “He found close to half a pint of blood. It’s been sent to a hospital for testing right now. If it’s a match, it can immediately be airflown here.”

“We still need over half a pint… I’ll go search for it… ” Elliot mumbled.

“Where are you going? It’s already dark out,” Avery said as she grabbed his arm. She did not want him running around anymore. “We could just send someone to get it if we find a source.”

She did not want to see him flustered over this matter any longer.

As Elliot saw the care Avery felt for him, his eyes reddened with guilt.

What would she do if she found out that Shea’s blood was a match for Robert?

He did not want to tell her about this. He did not want to give her hope, only to disappoint her.

However, all they needed right now was one more donor… As long as they find one person to donate blood, then Robert would be saved!

It was not certain that something bad would happen if Shea donated blood. Why did he not have the courage to take the gamble?

Elliot felt a lump in his throat, and tears suddenly fell from the corner of his eyes.

The doctor was stunned. Avery was also taken aback.

Why was he suddenly crying with all the people around them?

Robert did not have a death sentence just yet. There was still a chance they could save him. What was he crying for?

“What’s wrong, Elliot?” Avery hugged him as she gently stroked his muscular back. “Is it because you’re too tired? I’ll take you to the hotel to get some rest, okay? We could still save Robert. Don’t be so sad.”

Her comforting words sped up Elliot ‘s emotional breakdown.

“I’m sorry, Avery… I let you down… I let Robert down…” He allowed himself to cry out loud. “I can’t protect anybody… I let all of you down…”

“We don’t need you to protect us, Elliot. Just take care of yourself.” Avery was supporting most of his weight, but it did not feel heavy.

Ever since Robert was born, she had spent every day in insurmountable agony. It was only in this moment, as she held a crumbling Elliot in her arms, that courage soared within her.

Whenever she was upset, she could lose her temper with Elliot ;h4&?&<l throw all of the blame on his head.

She had forgotten that he was also a human being who had moments where he could not bear things.

As Chad watched this scene, he took off his glasses and wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.

When he composed himself, he was shocked to find Shea standing behind Avery and Elliot.

She stood frozen in place and stared blankly at Elliot.

She had never seen her brother cry.

She was completely stunned by his crying face.

“What are you doing here, Shea?” Chad asked as he approached her.

Shea lifted her gaze in shock and said, “Why is Big Brother crying? Is Robert…”

“The doctors said that Robert still needs a pint of blood. Your brother’s stressed out,” Chad explained.

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