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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 739 by Desirenovel

Chapter 739

Elliot did not say anything. He just quietly held

Avery in his arms.

Her broken heart immediately found comfort.

She was filled with energy and began to believe that a miracle could happen.

Once her emotions were stable, Elliot handed the pastries he brought to her.

Avery took the pastries and began to eat.

“The results of the investigation are out,” Elliot said in a deep voice after she had eaten two pieces of pastries. “Wanda Tate was the one who sent someone to order the headstone.”

Avery closed the pastry box, then took a deep breath.

Elliot held her hand and said, “Wait here at the hospital. I’ll go find her.”

After he said that, he immediately got up and left.

Avery consoled herself as she watched his muscular back. This time, he definitely would not be soft hearted!

He might have shown mercy to Chelsea because of their past, but he had no such past with Wanda.

Over at Wonder Technologies, Wanda’s face had turned pale as her hand trembled around her phone.

The subordinate she sent to order the headstone was caught.

She used her connections in the police force to get more intel, but she found nothing.

She was filled with uneasiness.

She had thought that nothing could go wrong if the headstone was ordered out in the middle of nowhere with no surveillance cameras in sight. She was careless!

This case struck Elliot right where it hurt the most, so he would see this matter to the end no matter what he had to pay.

Now that her subordinate was in his hands, it was only a matter of time before they find out she was behind this.

Wanda let out a heavy sigh, then pulled out her phone to book flight tickets so she could flee the country.

When the landline on her desk rang, she trembled with fear as she answered the call.

“Madam Tate, Elliot Foster from Sterling Group is here with a bunch of people… He said he wants to see you.” The secretary gulped, then said, “Are you coming down, or should I send him up?”

Wanda’s teeth chattered as she struggled to answer, “Send security up to my office… Let him come up once security is here…”

Moments later, Elliot arrived at W?a+ *< , <ra’s office before security could make it there.

Wanda had already composed herself and was trying her best to maintain the calm expression on her face.

Before she could say a word, Elliot’s bodyguard placed the headstone in front of her, then yanked her out of her seat and pushed her down on her knees!”

“Elliot Foster! Let’s talk about this! There’s no need for violence!” Wanda was terrified into confusion. ” It’s true that I was the one who sent someone to order the headstone! You were the ones who forced my daughter Cassandra to her death, so I could not let that go! Even so, I have nothing to do with your child’s critical condition!”

Elliot stared coldly at Wanda as she argued, then said menacingly, ” I’m going to use your skull to grind this headstone to dust.”

Wanda screamed in horror, then cried, “I know Charlie Tierney! We’re planning on working together! I know he’s got something on you… Are you planning to just let that be? If you let me live, then I’ll help you deal with him!”

The bloodthirsty hatred in Elliot ‘s eyes was slowly overtaken by reason.

He did not want to be threatened by Charlie, nor did he want to let Chelsea get away. This was because he did not want to disappoint Avery! Perhaps Wanda could be a useful pawn.

Elliot dismissed his bodyguard.

Moments later, he and Wanda were the only ones left in the room.

“My life is in your hands now, Elliot. I’ll definitely listen to everything you say.” Wanda’ s eyes were filled with tears and she looked pitiful. “Trust Capital is going to invest in me. I’ll have a lot of interactions with him from now on.”

Elliot sat down on the leather swivel chair, then fixed his dangerous eyes on her and said, “Charlie has a maroon box with him that belongs to me. I’ll give you three months. If you can’t get me that box by the end of that period, then I’ll make sure you meet a tragic death.”

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