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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 737 by Desirenovel

Chapter 737

A loving smile appeared on Elliot ‘s face as he said, ” I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t been able to come home. I heard that you went to the hospital first thing this morning.”

” I couldn’t go back to sleep once I woke up, but I slept a lot today.” After Shea spent the day resting at home, her complexion looked much better than it did earlier. “How’s Robert doing?”

“I found a bag of blood for him today. He should be fine at least until tomorrow. ” As Elliot said those words, he could not help but feel anxious.

It would be great if they could find a large source of blood.

That way, they would not have to worry about Robert falling back into critical condition at any moment.

“You’re amazing, Big Brother.” Shea held Elliot ‘s hand and gazed at his face without blinking, ” You’ve lost a lot of weight. It’s heartbreaking! Mrs. Scarlet went to cook something for you. You have to eat more!”

She dragged him toward the dining room.

“Robert will definitely get better. I still have to teach him how to call me ‘Aunt Shea’!”

“I’m sure you’ll be the best aunt.” The tightness in Elliot’s brow relaxed.

“Then, you’re the best father.” Shea flashed him a smile and said, “Wesley said that Robert looks a lot like you, but I couldn’t tell from the photos. Does Robert really look like you when you were a kid?”

“He does.”

Shea suddenly began to imagine and said, ” If I had a baby in the future, would  they look like me, too?”

Her words made Elliot’ s heart tighten in his chest.

Was she just saying this, or did she truly yearn for marriage and children?

“Who do you want to have a baby with, Shea?” Elliot deliberately asked in a casual tone.

He would never allow Shea to have children. Apart from the fact the giving birth was a painful experience, he was also worried that her illness could be passed down to her children.

Shea shook her head and said, “I still need someone to take care of me. How would I care for a baby?”

Elliot was relieved.

“Can I get married, Big Brother?” Shea asked unexpectedly.

The relief that Elliot just felt instantly vanished. “Who do you want to marry? Wesley?”

She was meeting Wesley every day. If she wanted to get married, it must be to him.

When Shea saw the stern look on Elliot’ s face, she was suddenly afraid to speak.

“I think he’s a good man,” she said after a long moment of hesitation.

“No matter how good he is, I won’t let you marry him,” Elliot said sternly. “The woman he wants the most is Avery! No matter how well he treats you, that isn’t love.”

His words ruthlessly severed Shea’s enthusiasm. “Wesley likes me.”

“That’s not the same as love. A person can like many people, but here is only one person they truly want.” Elliot refused to let Shea suffer. “You can be friends with him. I won’t stop you from seeing each other, but you can forget about letting him snatch you away!”

Shea hung her head grumpily.

She was upset, but she did not dare talk back to her brother.

She trusted him from the bottom of her heart. Whatever he said must be right.

He said that the person Wesley loved the most was Avery. If that were the case, then she could only be a lifelong friend to him.

Why did she feel so sad about that?

“Don’t be sad, Shea. I will always love you.” Elliot wrapped his arms around her >g”%;S;j said, “I don’ t trust anyone to take care of you. Won’t you stay by my side?”

When Shea smelled his familiar scent, her sadness quickly vanished.

“Okay. I’ll always be with you, because I know you’ll always protect me.”

Elliot woke up at ten the next morning.

When he picked up his phone, a text message caught his eye.

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