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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2961 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2961 by Desirenovel-As long as the store continues to improve, it should be acceptable to make a profit.

After seeing Hayden, Joanna’s expression froze for a few seconds, and then she smiled: “Mr. Tate, hello. Auntie told me that you signed the contract for me.”

Hayden took out the contract from his pocket.

It was just one page.

What kind of contract was that!

Hayden handed the crumpled contract folded by himself to Joanna.

Joanna took the contract and glanced at it. Hayden had already signed it, so she was left to sign it.

“I’ll go to the office to get the pen. You take a moment.” After Joanna finished speaking, she walked towards the office.

Hayden wanted to see what her office looked like, so he followed her.

Ju-Ji Dessert shop was really small.

At least for Hayden, the scale was small.

Even a dessert shop of this size had its own office.

With such curiosity, Hayden followed Joanna’s office.

Unexpectedly, Juliette was also in the office.

When the girl at the front desk called Boss Picard just now, Juliette wanted to go out with Joanna to meet the person. However, she didn’t go out because she was too eager to come this morning and didn’t make up properly.

Who knew Hayden would come to the office.

“Mr. Tate!” Juliette immediately smiled when she saw Hayden, “I didn’t know you would come over today, but I didn’t prepare well!”

Juliette moved a chair and put it in front of Hayden.

Juliette: “Mr. Tate, sit down!”

Hayden glanced at the chair, then said coldly: “No need. I’ll be leaving right away.”

“Mr. Tate, it’s hard for you to come here. Do you want to try the new products in our store? I’ll pack some for you and take you back to try!” Juliette said with a doggy face, “I really admire you! Can I take a photo with you?”

After hearing what her best friend said, Joanna almost couldn’t hold the pen in embarrassment.

Hayden’s words of refusal were already on his lips, but he suddenly remembered what his mother had told him during breakfast, so he endured it.

“What’s your relationship with Joanna?” Hayden asked.

“We are good friends, and business partners!” Juliette knew that Hayden came to the store because of Joanna, so Juliette pulled Joanna over, “Why don’t we take a group photo with the three of us?!”

Hayden didn’t want to take a photo with Juliette alone, so he agreed to take a group photo.

Juliette immediately went out and called the the front desk girl to help take pictures.

In the office, Joanna handed the signed contract to Hayden.

Because the atmosphere was too embarrassing, Joanna didn’t know what to say, so Joanna had nothing to say: “I didn’t expect you to write very delicately.”

Hayden: “That’s my mother’s words.”

Joanna couldn’t help laughing: “Why is Auntie like this? Hahaha! You must be forced by Auntie to order our desserts, right?”

“No. My mother paid the money, and she didn’t force me.” When Hayden said this, Juliette pulled the the front desk girl over.

It was better to use Joanna’s phone than Juliette’s, which she had originally intended to use to take pictures.

“Joanna, use your mobile phone to take a picture! When the picture is finished later, you can send it to Mr. Tate!” Juliette also wanted to match them up.

Joanna couldn’t resist, so she had to turn on the phone.

The moment she turned on her phone, she suddenly remembered that the background picture of her phone was a photo of twin babies!

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  1. Verdad esta autor se está haciendo de rogar ojala la otra gemela pieda estar con su padre y sus abuelos k descubran ya de una puñetera vez la verdad y se dejen de tanto lío o tonterías k termine la historia de Heyden y de Jhoanna ya de una vez y empieze la historia de Lucas y Azhel de una vez k de seguro será más bonita y muy intrigante ya k Lucas aún no a visto a Azhel lo guapa k es

  2. It’s ridiculous that you’re only giving 2 chapters. What’s wrong with you people? You don’t want us to continue reading your novels on line? I, for one, won’t be doing it! You writers are ridiculous!

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