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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2960 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2960 by Desirenovel-Avery was satisfied, and confessed: “You have a better attitude towards others.”

“Mom, I’m very polite to her every time.” Hayden replied, “I know you want to match me and Joanna, but you can’t force things about your relationship.”

“I didn’t force you. I just asked you to treat her a little bit better. After all, she is the mother of Dorian!” Avery reasoned with his son, “You see her family is not well-off, let’s take care of her if we can!”

Hayden nodded and agreed: “So every time you help her, I think you do a good job. With you taking care of her, I don’t have to worry.”

Avery: “…”

“Mom, I’m full.” Hayden finished his milk and was ready to go to work.

“Are you used to lunch? I won’t bother asking the driver to deliver the meal to you.” Avery was afraid that his son would not eat well for lunch.

No matter how delicious the food outside was, it was not as hygienic and nutritious as cooking at home.

“No need, Mom, I may not be at the company at noon.” Hayden wiped his mouth with a tissue, and then went out.


Ju-Ji Dessert.

After Joanna went to work, she received a message from Avery, saying that Hayden would come over to sign the contract for her later.

She could see that Avery wanted to create opportunities for her and Hayden.

“Woo! Joanna, you are simply amazing!” Juliette came to the dessert shop early this morning for the first time ever.

Because Joanna told her last night that Avery had placed three big orders in the store.

Juliette was so happy that she didn’t fall asleep all night.

When Juliette asked her family for money to invest in a dessert shop, the family was very disapproving of the investment but she couldn’t hold back.

Juliette made it clear to her family that she would go on a blind date as planned if this investment didn’t work out.

The family would no longer meddle in her marital affairs if the investment was a success.

Her parents accepted the bet because they were confident Juliette would fail.

Therefore, Juliette’s insomnia was not caused by her ability to earn a lot of money, but rather by her excitement over gaining her marriage’s independence.

She was naturally delighted to be able to earn more money and avoid having to ask her family for assistance.

“Why did you come so early?” Joanna was also in a good mood, so they hugged each other.

Juliette: “I’m having trouble falling asleep. I haven’t been able to sleep at all since you called me last night and said that! You are aware that as soon as you called me last night, I hurried to my parents’ room to tell them about the incident. Do you realize how highly they regard me? They have never regarded me with such admiration.”

Joanna couldn’t laugh or cry: “Even if there are three more orders, our store’s monthly income cannot compare with your father’s company!”

Juliette said cheerfully, “The Foster family placed these three orders, so it’s not about the money! It implies that there is a tenuous connection between our family and the Fosters. Even though the connection is not strong, my parents can still boast about it. Joanna, you have my sincere gratitude! If not, I might have married a man I don’t like right now! I’m so lucky!”

Joanna: “We are all lucky. We will work harder in the future to make the store stronger and bigger.”

Juliette: “Well! Stronger and bigger!”

Having said this, the two began to discuss the next recruitment work.

When Hayden came over, the store had passed its busiest stage.

The front desk girl gave him a swish as Hayden entered the store.

Hayden was tall, dressed nicely, and had a very attractive face. He belonged to the kind of beings from which it was impossible to turn away after just one look.

He walked to the dining table where he ordered, and asked, “Has Joanna come to work today?”

The front desk girl nodded sharply, and then shouted loudly, “Boss Picard! A handsome guy is looking for you!”

Joanna immediately walked out of the office when she heard the employee’s shout.

Joanna had just posted a job advertisement on the Internet. She and Juliette decided unanimously to hire several pastry chefs at a high price, and if any of them were particularly talented, they would offer shares.

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