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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2958 by Desirenovel

When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2958 by Desirenovel-“Is the business in the store very good now?” Avery felt relieved after hearing her words.

“Well. After the launch of new products on New Year’s Day, the business has improved a lot! There are a lot of old customers who deposit money in our store, and the income is not bad.” Joanna told Avery truthfully, “Auntie, I really want to thank you. If it weren’t for you, the store’s business can’t be so good.”

“Why are you being so polite. I’m relieved to see you living a good life.” Avery said here, thinking of something, “By the way, Joanna, I want to ask you, how much can your shop do Desserts in a day now? For example, if my daughter’s company thinks of ordering desserts for employees in your store once a week, I don’t know if your store can supply them.”

Joanna was flattered, and replied: “Our store can sell about a thousand desserts every day. Because the sales volume has increased a lot compared to last year, I plan to hire a few more employees.”

“Haha! That’s really good. Layla’s company needs about 500 desserts. You can send 500 desserts to her company every Friday. Do you think it’s okay?” Avery was afraid that Joanna would be embarrassed to accept it, so she explained, “The previous contract with the dessert shop has expired. In addition, the desserts in your shop are now delicious, so Layla considers looking for you. She is afraid that after looking for you, you will be exhausted, so she didn’t dare to tell you.”

“Thank you, Auntie. I’m really happy that you can trust me. But I recommend Layla to order from GD Dessert. They have more styles of desserts and more choices.” Joanna said sincerely.

Avery especially appreciated Joanna’s point.

Her sincerity came from the inside out, and getting along with her made people feel very comfortable.

“Just come to your house to order. If you feel that there is still a shortage in your store, then you should work harder. I believe that you will not be worse than the boss of GD Dessert in the future.” Avery was determined to support Joanna.

Joanna couldn’t refuse her kindness, so she had no choice but to agree.

“By the way, my husband’s company also orders desserts. Their company orders 500 copies every Wednesday.” Seeing that Joanna agreed, Avery continued, “Do you know that Hayden has established a branch in Aryadelle? Their company also has to order desserts, but they are not that big at the beginning, just order 200 copies a week. It will be delivered on Monday.”

Joanna: “…”

Today, she was the one who came to pay Avery a New Year’s greeting, but Avery sent her three big orders.

She felt that she was not here to pay New Year’s greetings, but to worship the God of Wealth.

With these three big orders every week, even if the store’s business was not usually good, the monthly sales of the store would be considered.

“Auntie, why don’t you sign the contract first. I’ll give it to them first, and I’ll talk about it after they taste it.” Joanna was a little afraid that she couldn’t afford Avery’s love.

“How can this work, you must sign the contract first! Sign it today.” Avery smiled kindly, “The sales volume in your store is so high now, it has accepted the test of the market. Don’t worry about other things, the next step is to recruit people, don’t be too tired yourself.”

Joanna: “Alright.”

in the evening.

Hayden returned home.

Avery immediately handed him an order contract.

“Hayden, when you go to work tomorrow morning, send this contract to Ju-Ji Dessert and sign it to Joanna.” Avery explained with a smile, “I ordered weekly desserts for your company at Joanna’s place today and send it to your company every Monday afternoon. I originally planned to sign the contract today, but Joanna said that their store had never received such a large order, and there was no formal contract. So I asked your father’s lawyer to draw up the contract.”

Hayden was a little unbelievable: “Mom, you ask Dad’s lawyer to draw up this kind of contract for you.”

“What’s the matter?” Avery originally wanted to find the legal counsel of the Tate Industires, but because of the oolong incident before, Avery was embarrassed to find the other party.

“There is no need for a contract at all. Just write down the price and number of services on the receipt.” Hayden looked at the name signed by his mother on the contract, and his temples twitched a few times, “Mom, just sign your own name. How did you sign me?”

“Of course it’s better to buy your company’s desserts in your name!” Avery said, “Are you unwilling to send the contract over? Are you afraid of seeing Joanna? Are you in love with Joanna? So you’re running away? “

~End of the When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2958~

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