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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2664 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2664

Eric returned to the house with his business card.

After saving Daisy’s number in the phone, he put the business card in a small cabinet.

Thinking of Daisy saying that Layla vomited all the breakfast, Eric immediately went to the kitchen to take out the fruits he bought.

The doctor said that she couldn’t eat cold ones now, so Eric washed the fruits and steamed them in a pot.

She had a bad stomach now, so the apples that Eric bought were relatively mild.

After the hot steam came up, he took out the apples.

After peeling and cutting into pieces, he carried the plate to the bedroom.

Layla was lying on the bed, playing with her mobile phone.

“I bought some fruit, do you want some?” Eric put the plate on the bedside table, “Have you taken the medicine?”

Layla immediately put down the phone and brought the plate over.

After spitting out breakfast, her stomach was completely empty, and she was so hungry right now.

“I took the medicine. Should I take it on an empty stomach? I forgot to take it on an empty stomach in the morning.” Layla said, putting an apple into her mouth, “Hot?”

“You can’t eat cold ones now.” Eric said and sat down in the chair next to him, “I forgot to remind you to take your medicine in the morning.”

“It’s okay. What kind of food did you buy? Are you going to cook again at noon? Actually, you can order takeaway.” Layla ate some fruit. Afterwards, she felt a little more comfortable.

“Let’s cook noodles for lunch!” Eric replied, “Don’t get out of bed today, I’ll make them and bring them to you later.”

Layla froze for a moment: “Did Daisy tell you something?”

He told Layla not to get out of bed, obviously because he knew she had thrown up for breakfast.

“You should pay attention now. Get out of bed after you stop vomiting.” Eric did not answer her question directly, “If you still vomit at noon, ask the doctor to give another injection.”

Layla: “Actually, today is really much better than last night.”

“It will definitely recover slowly. But you need to rest well and take medicine.” Eric looked at the makeup on her face, got up from the chair, “I’ll get you makeup remover, You take off the makeup on your face.”

Layla wanted to say that she would just take it off when she took a shower at night, but he had already walked into the bathroom of the master bedroom.

After a while, Eric brought over her cleansing oil, cotton pads, and hair ties.

“You unload it first, I’ll fetch the water.”

Eric put the things on the bedside table and went to the bathroom again.

Seeing him busy, Layla talked to him while putting on the headband: “If I don’t vomit at noon, you can go back! I’ll order takeaway in the evening.”

Eric came out with a basin of water, and reply her unhurriedly: “I’ll go back when you’re completely cured.”

“Didn’t you say it will take about a week to be completely cured? You stay with me for a week?” Layla squeezed the cleansing oil onto a cotton pad, Accidentally squeezed too much.

“If you don’t want me here, then you have to tell your family, otherwise, I will worry if you stay alone.” Eric negotiated with her, “The takeaway is not clean enough.”

“It’s not that I don’t want you to be here.”If girlfriend finds out that you stay here, she will definitely mind.” Layla wiped off the makeup on her face indiscriminately, and then threw the cotton pad into the trash can.

Eric took the washcloth out of the basin and wrung it dry, and handed it to her to wipe her face.

“You don’t have to worry about my affairs. You just need to take care of your illness now.”

“Oh…” Layla wiped her face with a washcloth.

Eric took out another face towel from the basin, wrung it dry and handed it to her.

“Your girlfriend is in Bridgedale? You two are in such a different place, how can you fall in love?” Layla took the second washcloth from him and covered her face directly.

Because the face towel was hot, the hot compress was very comfortable.

Eric was afraid that she would not be able to breathe, so he quickly took the washcloth off her face.

“You are still sick, get well first and don’t think about it.”

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