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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2499 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2499

In order to buy medicine and injections for her mother-in-law, she not only borrowed money from Mr. Todd, but also borrowed money from outsiders.

These, she did not say out.

Her life was hard, and Lucas’s life was not much easier.

“Ouch—” Lucas supported the washstand and retched.

Siena knew that Lucas wanted to spit out everything he ate just now.

“Young Master, your dog is dead, but you are still alive.” Siena wanted to comfort him.

Siena didn’t know that the Master planned to lock him up for a few days. If no one brought him food, he would starve to death. If he died of starvation, Mrs. Hogan and other children would do their filial piety, Mrs. Hogan would only applaud, and the others would only watch the fun and would never sympathize with his suffering.

Without waiting for Siena’s words to come out, Lucas shouted violently: “Get out! I don’t want to see you again!”

Lucas clenched his teeth and looked at her with hatred in his eyes. His fierce eyes made Siena’s ankles go weak with fright.

Siena remembered the scene of Lucas angrily going to fight with Mrs. Hogan last night.

Maybe she was kind, but to Lucas, she was really wrong.

“I’m sorry, Young Master. After I get paid, I’ll put another thousand dollars into the trash can… just treat it as the money I borrowed from the trash can first, don’t be angry, okay…” Siena reached out to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes. At a loss, she’s not knowing how to calm him down.

“Madam Hogan asked you to do this, right?” Lucas calmed down a little, and judged, “You have been in the Hogan family for so many years, and you have been relying on the charity of the Hogan family to survive. Madam Hogan asked you to come Disgusting me, you dare not listen! Oh, I actually thought you were different from those people! The only difference between you and those people is that you are uglier than them!”

Lucas’s words pierced into Siena’s heart.

Ever since she was a child, she has been used to being called ugly. Whether she said it behind her back or in person, she was used to it.

But why, Lucas said she was ugly, but she was so sad?

She was just sobbing softly, but after what Lucas said, she couldn’t stop crying.

“Young master, you blamed me wrong! I didn’t mean to make you feel bad…it wasn’t Madam who asked me to do this…” Siena choked with sobs, tears falling like broken threads, “Before I came, I asked Auntie Perry, and Auntie Perry said that no one will bring you food today… I am really afraid that you will be hungry… because I have been hungry before, and I know how it feels to be hungry….”

“You won’t die after two meals!” Lucas was distracted by her crying.

“But the Master didn’t say that he will forgive you tomorrow.” Siena cried with her eyes red and swollen, and she said in her heart, “Before my mother-in-law died, she vomited whatever she ate. She really wanted to eat, but she couldn’t eat anything. Master, for me, Living with dignity is more important. If I have the conditions, I also want to live with dignity, instead of being here for the current members of the Hogan family.”

Lucas’s clenched fist loosened a little. His inner voice told him that what Siena said him just now was true.

He shouldn’t take his anger out on her alone.

An awkward atmosphere spread between the two.

At this time, outside the yard, two luxury cars stopped slowly.

After hearing the movement, Siena immediately ran out of the bathroom, walked to the gate, opened the door, and glanced outside.

——Why did Master Hogan and Mrs. Hogan come back so soon?

Would they find out that she came to the auxiliary building to deliver dinner to Lucas?!

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