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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2495 by Desirenovel

Chapter 2495

Lucas crushed the steamed bun: “You want to see me get punished!”

Siena shook her head even more vigorously: “No. What if I could help you with justice? Others won’t help you. They’re all afraid of Madam.”

Lucas: “Aren’t you afraid?”

“I am. But I can’t let you be beaten to death by Madam.” The light of justice shone in Siena’s eyes.

Lucas was a little moved.

Siena added: “If you die, I won’t be able to get double wages.”

After Siena finished speaking, Lucas kicked her off work.



In order to celebrate Lilly’s 18th birthday, Hayden returned home from Bridgedale.

Hayden just took advantage of this time to return to Aryadelle and spend time with his family on vacation.

“Brother, can you play at home for a few more days?” Robert clinged to Hayden, complaining, “After you come back, my sister won’t have time to scold me.”

“You don’t know why your sister scolded you?” Hayden glanced at Robert and said, “At your age, study hard and don’t always think about dating. After you graduate from university, your sister will not care about you whatever you want to talk about.”

A while ago, two girls didn’t know where to get them. After arriving at Layla’s contact information, they each told Layla that they were Robert’s girlfriends and asked Layla to choose one.

After blocking the two of them, Layla scolded Robert and blocked him after the scolding.

“Brother, I swear, I’m not in a relationship! Those two girls, I don’t even know their full names. I just participated in a school activity with them, and I don’t know how to make them misunderstand…” Robert had been relatively approachable since he was a child, so he was very popular.

“Be careful in the future, don’t smirk at girls for nothing.” Hayden looked at Robert’s white and energetic face, feeling a little helpless, “Your sister scolded you for your own good, bear with it.”

“Dad also told me the same thing. No one at home helped me.” Robert said aggrievedly, “Brother, why don’t you let me work in your company for winter vacation!”

“Fine, as long as our parents agree.” Hayden wanted to practice Robert.

For the past 18 years, Robert had lived in a greenhouse and had never experienced beatings from society. Now that he was an adult, he could experience the cruelty of society.

“They will definitely agree.” Robert happily went back to the room to pack his luggage.

In the evening, everyone came to Foster’s house for dinner.

“Hayden, you’re going to be 25 soon, and it’s time for you to find a girlfriend.” Tammy teased, “You’ve been graduating for so long, and your career has achieved great success, and now you only need a wife and also children. “

Ben echoed: “Hayden, don’t take your auntie Tammy’s words seriously. It’s better to have children earlier. Your parents don’t urge you, but they both definitely want to have grandchildren!”

Avery immediately retorted: “I don’t think so! Finally, Robert is an adult, and I can finally not worry about it.”

Tammy smiled and said, “Hasn’t Layla been in charge of your Robert all the time? What are you worried about?”

Layla picked up the juice jug, poured herself a glass of orange juice, and said in a leisurely way: “My mother still worries a lot. The main reason is that Robert is too ordinary in all aspects! My mother has been accepting that she gave birth to an ordinary child.”

Avery: “…”

Robert: “……”

“Layla, don’t say that about your mother. Your mother has never disliked Robert.” Elliot defended Avery, “You three, we treat you equally.”

Layla: “Dad, I’m making fun of Robert, can’t you hear it?”

“Don’t hit Robert all the time, he’s still very good.” Elliot helped his youngest son save face in front of everyone.

Layla: “Dad, then tell me, what’s so good about him?”

Elliot: “He has a good temper, he is obedient, and he is in good health.”

“Dad, since when can health be boasted as an advantage? Hahaha!” Layla said and was laughing out loud.

Avery was afraid that Robert would not be able to step down, so she looked at Hayden: “Hayden, have you ever been in a relationship? Don’t you have any good girls around you? Would you like your mother to help you pay attention?”

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2495 by Desirenovel”

  1. I remembered that Avery and Elliot had a DNA test with Siena’s Hair,right? Did they Get the result or not? I really Liked this Novel but on the other hand I was a little disappointed since there’s a lot of missing in the stories….🥺

  2. This has gone on too long…. Avery and Elliot should have found Haze(Siena) so long ago. Reading these 4 small “chapters” a day is insane. Like a whole ten minutes at most…

  3. Don’t they had DNA testing done before? Why all the kids had grown up, Siena still hasn’t found or reunited with the Fosters fam & they all only lived in neighboring cities? Is it even real in this world for a stepparent ordering staffs to beat-up her stepson right in her face? Violence is not good, the Madam poisoned the dog (cruelty) & ordered beating her stepson (madwoman). The novel’s good family relations momentum is getting lost somewhere. When will Siena/Haze reunite with Avery & Elliot? Will Siena end up marrying Lucas or Esteban?

  4. I agree with others, the story has taken way too many twists and turns. It is not making sense, there is no reason for this child to have been separated from her family for this long! Jumping ahead for 12 years is mind-boggling. The timeline is corrupted. How can Robert and Siena/Haze both be 18? I thought there were at least 3 years between them. Avery and Elliot were divorced for a while before he went to Yonroeville. I am no author by no means, but, I do love a good novel. I have hung on waiting for a happy ending for this family. When we hear about Avery, Elliot, Hayden, Layla, and Robert again there are just too many gaps in the timeline. What happened to their lives? There is room for sequels in this novel. Please don’t keep dragging us on forever, I know I am highly disappointed in the story, and I am sure there are many others who are as well.

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